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Why I love being submissive

I wouldn’t say I really considered myself submissive until recently, rather the opposite, but all that changed when we began our D/s journey. …
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When your mind and body rebel.

We went away on Saturday overnight to our favourite hotel and things didn’t quite go as planned. That isn’t to say that a good …
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The Vampire Kiss

To this day I don’t know if he was a real vampire or if I dreamt it. But, there had been marks on my …
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Random Posts

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Is Now a Good Time to Talk?

Well apparently, half past six (in the morning) is not a good time to talk but that is what happened. It all started innocent …
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I’m in heaven…..Seriously. We got home 6 hours ago (it’s now 16:15) and I’m still floating on a high. The crash will not be pretty. …
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Captains Prize (part 2)

When Martha awoke, for the briefest moment, she forgot where she was. She was simply warm and comfortable, the mattress softer than anything she had …
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The way you love me

There’s a song by Faith Hill that I absolutely adore called The Way You Love Me.  When Mr H touches me, the way I feel …
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Hide behind your mask

I have worked hard to become more authentic. I used to present a face to the world that I thought they wanted to see. My …
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