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Why I love being submissive

I wouldn’t say I really considered myself submissive until recently, rather the opposite, but all that changed when we began our D/s journey. …
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When your mind and body rebel.

We went away on Saturday overnight to our favourite hotel and things didn’t quite go as planned. That isn’t to say that a good …
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The Vampire Kiss

To this day I don’t know if he was a real vampire or if I dreamt it. But, there had been marks on my …
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Pull yourself together

Pull yourself together and get on with it….  That’s one phrase I think I would ban from the world if I could. The idea that someone, …
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MrH and I don’t really celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. I’ll be honest I don’t think you know what dates are going to be important until …
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A dirty word?

Monogamy as defined by the Collins Dictionary is the state or custom of having a sexual relationship with only one partner When I first asked MrH to …
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Tell Me About: Consent

Consent in D/s relationships is essential.  When a couple first begins this type of relationship it begins with communication.  Communicating their interests and desires, their …
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