21st December 2018

We finished work at half past 12.

We got a little Christmas gift from the directors too, which is nice.

I bought a new battery for my motorbike, and then went to pick up MrH.

Then followed 2 hours of pure horror as we shopped for food in a supermarket and bought a cat litter.

The people driving were impatient and rude.

The people in the supermarket were focused on their own shopping, oblivious to those around them.

We finally got home and had an hour before we set off again to go back to town for the opticians.

My eyes are all good, still perfect vision following the surgery almost 2 years ago. I do need reading glasses but nothing to worry about.

MrH has ordered some new glasses as his prescription has changed.

Back home and tea was cooked.

There’s two films available to rent now that MrH wants to watch and he was undecided on which to watch his weekend and I reminded him we could watch one on Christmas Day.

He says he may give me 50 lashes as a treat for pointing that out! 😊

I’m hoping I might get a couple of orgasms too but then again- when am I not hoping for that!!!

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  1. It’s ironic how the what’s meant to be the season of goodwill can really bring out the worst in people! I hope you, MrH and the family have a lovely Christmas <3 xx

    1. You too ❤️

  2. I made the mistake of picking up cat food and a litter scoop today…it was absolutely mad! People were standing in the aisle talking and hugging and making it impossible to get through.

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