Wicked Wednesday

A Twist of Fate.

In the summer of 1995 I attended the summer fair at my younger brothers primary school. I was there with my friend (I will call her Peggy), who was my ex husbands cousins girlfriend, and our two children were born 6 weeks apart. In a bizarre twist we only become friends after my marriage ended, because she had thought me stuck up. This impression came from the fact that my ex husband would not allow me to talk to anyone; according to him when I spoke I embarrassed him. Truthfully I did show him up. When I spoke it was evident I was educated and he was not. I saw Peggy’s partner one morning on my way into town and I extended an invitation for Peggy to come around with their son for a play date. Peggy told me she nearly didn’t come, but her partner had encouraged her to. She said later that she was glad he did because her first impression had not been accurate, and for a few years we were good friends.

Fortunes Told.

There we were, walking around the school hall, we bought some fairy cakes for the boys and played a few of the games. The purpose of the fair was to raise funds for the school and this was a good way to pass a few hours with the boys. On the far side of the hall a woman sat at one of the tables. She was quietly reading a book. As we approached there was a sign to tell people what she was offering. “Rune Stone Reading – £5”. We both stopped walking and looked at each other. Should we? Giggling we approached the table and Peggy went first, putting her money on the table. The lady asked her to place it in the box, explaining that handling money would interfere with the energy.

Peggy’s Reading.

She laid the stones face down on the table and asked Peggy to run her hands over them, and pick up the stones that spoke to her. I can’t remember how many we were supposed to pick. The woman took the selected stones and put the others back into a pouch. She placed them rune side up and contemplated them. She told Peggy that she would marry the man whom she was with at that time, but there would be upset and uncertainty before they did, but they were best friends. There was one more child in Peggy’s future but it was still some distance away and it would only come when she was least expecting it. She also said Peggy’s life would not follow the path she expected but not to fear for it would go the way it should.

Peggy’s Future.

A few years later Peggy did marry her partner, but only after he had had an affair with a work colleague. After they got married they had another baby. She found out she was pregnant the morning she was to have surgery on a damaged knee. For over two years they had been trying to get pregnant and once the stopped trying (because she had received the date for the operation) she got caught. I remember a few days before she and I were walking through town talking about how she was nervous, and I looked at her.

“Are you pregnant?” I had asked her quizzically.

“No,” Peggy replied. “Definitely not.”

“Is your period late?” I pressed.

“Well yes but that’s nothing unusual.” Peggy replied dismissively.

“Hmmm,” I responded, “do me a favour and tell them when you get to the hospital that your period is late, OK?”

“Yeah ok,” she had said. I knew she was just humouring me.

Two days later I received a phone call.

“You did this to me!” She began, we never bothered with pleasantries. Instead our conversations always seemed to just continue.

“Did what to you?” I asked puzzled.

“I told them my period was late and well, turns out I am pregnant.”

I whooped for joy for her. She had been trying so long. “Congratulations honey,” I said, “but I can honestly say I am not responsible for your current situation; I lack the necessary equipment.” We both laughed.

“How did you know?” Peggy asked me quietly.

“Well,” I began, “for over two years, every time your period was half an hour late you have phoned me and we have talked. And this time you were sure you weren’t. Your body knew and your mind knew, they were just protecting you from the news until you were ready.” She went on to have a little boy.

They were married for 11 years before they separated and then divorced. When I asked her about it she said the passion had gone, they were just friends and housemates, not lovers. She has moved on and is now happily seeing someone else. She also has a couple of grandchildren. A twist of fate ended our friendship. You see, when I lived nearby I looked after her son while she worked. She would go to work at 4pm and her partner would pick him up at 6pm when he finished work. We moved away and I was no longer useful to her. I only saw her twice after that.

My reading.

She relaid the runes and I selected mine. It was strange but as I hovered by hands over the stones some of them felt hot. These were the ones I picked. She turned them over and looked at them. “Have you heard of the Norns?” she asked me.

“No,” I replied.

“The Norns weave the cloth of life,” she explained, “and they twist together threads that form a person’s life. I see two threads here in your future. Two men. One man you know, have known well. He is bad for you, and you know he is bad for you, but he is attached to your son and he tugs on your heart. You must send him away. It is important that you do for the second man, he is destined to be your future. He is your soul mate and if you do not send this first man away you will never meet the man you will spend the rest of your life with.” She looked at me so urgently. “Do you know who that first man would be?”

“Probably my ex-husband,” I replied. “He has just asked me to give our relationship another go.”

“And? Have you answered him yet?” She looked at me anxiously.

“I told him no,” I said. “I want more for my life and my son than a man who can’t hold down a job. So I actually just enrolled in college.”

A huge grin spread across the womans face. “Good. I will give you an extra thing, the answer to one question. It must be a yes or no answer,” she said. “Ask your question in your mind over and over again, and feel for the rune with the answer.”

“Will he (my ex husband) ever leave me alone? Will he ever leave me alone?…”

I picked a stone that felt warmer than the others and showed it to her. “The answer is no,” she said. “you have a gift of your own,” she continued. “An intuition. You could be a seer like me if you learned. But even if you never learn, trust your feelings.” Peggy had wandered off during my reading, and I left thoughtful. I felt uneasy. The teller had not told her she would be with her partner for the rest of her life, just that they would marry. I never did tell Peggy my whole reading.

The Fates twist the threads.

My ex husband contacted me again a few days later, and once again I told him no. I found out a few weeks later that his girlfriend, the one he had been seeing when we broke up, was pregnant for the second time. Clearly he decided living with one child was preferable to two. What can I say, he is disappointing as a human being.

The start of the college year came and I could not start with everyone else. The new nursery was not ready. I started 3 weeks late, and one week after that I was transferred to a higher level of study. Which is how I came to walk into a classroom one Wednesday Morning, a class of just 7 people, 3 men and 4 women. I sat down nervously and looked up. From the first moment I looked at Mr H I knew he was the man she had spoken of. My heart beat erratically and I felt drawn to him. It was few weeks before our relationship began, and a few more before we had sex for the first time. That was November 1995. I am certain he is the man I will spend the rest of my life with. This year marks 25 years, and I am more in love with him now than I have ever been. Every day I look at him and twist my love around him and us, binding us together.

When we met I was raw from the betrayal of my ex husband, and I was determined to never rely on a man. I would raise my son, and we would be fine, but the fates clearly had other plans and had twisted the lives of Mr H and my own together. He fascinated and challenged me from the very first look and now he holds me and tempers me, encourages me to grow and looks after me. I will be forever grateful for the reading I got that day and I have never regretted telling my ex husband no. Before that day I had always worried that perhaps I was denying my son his father.

She was right about my ex husband too, (although touch wood I have not heard from him in 10 years), in 2002 when he split up from the woman he had two children with, he called me with the pretense of telling me he could not see T that weekend. “I am not with her anymore,” he said, “I thought you might be interested in meeting up?”

I laughed at him, and said, “Why would I be interested in your life? I moved on years ago. I got married 2 years ago.” Clearly he has a twisted view of his own importance.

Twist me around your heart.

I believe that our lives do follow some invisible plan, that things happen for a reason, and that some people come into our lives for a short time when we need them, or they need us. I also believe there are some who’s lives come together, their threads twist tightly around one another creating a stronger thread than before, more durable and harder to break.

The decision to go to college, and put my ex husband firmly behind me, allowed me to meet Mr H. I would not have the life I have if not for this moment. When we kissed our threads twisted and we formed a new yarn of complimentary colours and textures. In 2017 when I asked if we could explore D/s that thread changed new elements spun into the thread; raw passion and intimacy, strengthened communication and renewed trust. The tapestry of our life together is vibrant, full of love and joy, and no where near finished.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


This post was inspired by the prompt ‘Twists’ #414 on Wicked Wednesday. To see more posts inspired by the topic click HERE.

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  1. I really loved reading this piece of history from your life. Like you, I believe our lives follow an invisible plan, and that we have to go through some hardships to appreciate what life has in stall for us later. Nice post 🙂

    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you. Mr H read it and said he doesn’t remember me ever telling him this. I’m sure I have of course but then again – he could be right LOL

  2. My mother has said the same thing about people coming into our lives when we most need them (or they most need us). Some people stay, but a number of people are only here temporarily.

  3. You had me hooked from the very start with your brilliant writing style.. I am so glad there was a happy ending for you and Mr H.

    1. Thank you

  4. It’s amazing to me all of the little things in life that happen through simply using our intuition and not going for the easy thing. It’s great that you met your soulmate, and appropriate that it happened while you were improving yourself. An improvement that you didn’t even expect to find.

    1. Yes, what I didn’t say is, as I only had GCSE’S the course I signed up for was entry level. That is to say the one that people started after high school. At the time it was called a GNVQ. The class was full of 16 year olds and I was 20 with a 2 and a half year old son. After 2 weeks I found the course too easy and the tutors agreed to move me to the higher level course or HND and that is the course Mr. H was on having completed the GNVQ the prior academic year. If the course tutor hadn’t also trusted their intuition that I was able to study at the advanced level we probably wouldn’t have met. I completed the course with Distinction

  5. Oh there is a reason why everything happens – nothing is coincidental – we play a part but that twist is ready and waiting. Great post

    1. Thank you

  6. Lol you did this to me. Haha.
    I like how you describe it as how the threads twist and change. I think you’re right in that we do follow a certain path in some way, but it changes too and I love the sentiment of it in your post.

    1. Thank you

  7. […] from The Terminator and often quoted but it isn’t really something I believe. I have written before about how I believe our lifes are mapped out and that in many ways free will is an illusion. When […]

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