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Amature Photography

I don’t take a huge amount of photographs and I would say I dabble with photography more than anything and I will be eternally grateful for editing software! I do think that taking pictures of myself has helped to improve my self esteme and there are quite a few images I have taken that I am very happy with – generally speaking they feature my boobs.

Breast Photography.

I have written before about how I love my boobs, and I have a section of the gallery devoted to images of them. Of course the new gallery has a section for legs and bums, Mr. H loves them too although I think he is an ass man and has a particular fondness for my bottom.

Artistic Images.

When I take pictures I focus on cheeky or sensual poses, and the photography I enjoy most usually has a sensual, classy feel. One of the things I enjoy doing is visiting art galleries, and I love looking at portraits and landscapes. SubMissy and Purplesole have some wonderful photographs on their blogs, and I am in awe of their tallent. Quite honestly my photography skills are very poor when compared to these.

Pets and Places.

I do take a lot of pictures of my two cats and the places we visit. I think the invention of the camera phone has enabled photography to become more accessable and where I wish I had more pictures of our dog, I have thousands of my cats. When I started to loose weight and my self confidence and body image improved, I began taking selfies and found I no-longer wanted to hide from the camera. When D/s was added to our relationship and we started taking time to visit places together I began to record these outings.


Photography allows us to create a record of our lives for future generations to review. I’m not suggesting that my grandchildren would enjoy looking at images of my body – my blog will only exisit as long as I pay for a hosting company after all, but, the pictures of us on the beach, holding hands and going to places together, those images I hope will show them how much we loved eachother.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


This post is inspired by the Food 4 Thought prompt ‘photography’ and you can find more posts inspired by the topic by clicking HERE.

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8 thoughts on “Amature Photography”

  1. This was such a pleasure to read, it kind of just made me smile. You put some amazing photographs in here and I think you’re right, mobile phones has made photography so much more accessible!

  2. You splendidly transmit the pleasure you get from taking photos. I love the way you edit them. I really liked the one of you as a postage stamp and of course the ones of you and Mr H. Great to finish with the wonderfully loving beach shot.

  3. I also like to think that photos can document a life. And with the ubiquity of phones we can save so many moments to remember or show our children later. Btw…I completely missed your redesign and new name. I have been so busy lately. Your new website looks really great. Very playful and cute and a bit more streamlined. Nice work!

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