A short story featuring D/s, a butt plug, vibrators, and oral sex.

Sir has sent me to the bedroom. I am to undress and bend over the bed. He has promised to make me feel better, he knows my mindset has drifted of late and I am not feeling the same connection to him. He is making tea and I don’t know how long I am to wait, but I follow his instructions. When I hear him on the stairs my breath quickens. Sir has come into the room, and I feel he is standing behind me.

“Close your eyes,” he says stroking my behind.

I hear the wardrobe door opening and a bag being unzipped. Something is placed on the bed at the side of me and I desperately want to look, but I resist. I feel something wet against my bottom, and I am sure it is lube, followed by pressure. I know what it is, the jewel butt plug, and Sir puts it firmly in place.

“You will dress and come downstairs,” Sir says quietly. “The butt plug will remain in you until I give you permission to remove it. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir” he kisses my bum cheeks then slapping them gently, leaves.

The plug is not uncomfortable but I know it is there, it reminds me I am his, that my body is here for his enjoyment.  I dress in comfortable pyjamas, they are made of thick, soft fleece and are cream with penguins on them. I look in the mirror as I pull my slippers on, and smile at my reflection pulling a face. “Oh yeah I look so sexy,” I think laughing at myself.

The evening passes as usual. We eat and I shower. I prepare Sir’s bath and while he bathes I wait in bed. I wonder if I am to sleep in the plug as I have never been required to wear it for this long before. When Sir comes through from the bathroom and joins me on the bed, he motions for me to snuggle into his side. “No internet for you tonight. I wish you to think only of me.”

I close my eyes, and take a slow deep breath. I can hear his heartbeat and steady breathing and contentment settles over me. Surrounds me. I feel the tension ebb from my shoulders and I lay comfortable and calm for the longest time. Bedtime rolls round and Sir instructs me to my knees for my night time collar to be put on. I wonder if he forgotten about the plug.

He kisses my forehead and asks me “who’s are you?”

“I am yours” I reply

“Bend over the bed.” He commands.

I do as I am told. This will be a little uncomfortable I think, as I have never worn the plug for so long before, and I focus on relaxing. A buzzing noise startles me. And the plug begins to vibrate. Sir has placed a vibrator on the end of the plug.

The vibrations flow through me, and heat floods into my sex.

“Do u like that?” He asks

“Yes sir,” I manage to say, but my voice is low, and cracks.

“Good.” He says and the vibrations stop. My body wants me to cry out, to beg him to continue, but my mind quiets this demanding voice. You will get what you are given I remind myself.

He moves to the bed and removes the pillows to the floor. Hope springs up – he does not do this when he plans to sleep. “I wish you to come here and sit on me. I wish to use my mouth but I want to be comfortable.”

Shyly I go and straddle his face. He knows this makes me shy. He knows I feel dirty and wanton not empowered as some might. He brings me closer to him and I feel his breath on my wet core. The vibrator begins again and is again placed on the plug as Sir begins to kiss, suck, nibble and lick…

My orgasm comes hard and fast. Shuddering I cry out as it peaks, the cry morphing to satisfied moans as it ebbs, but he is not satisfied with one, Sir demands more and more. He inserts fingers into me and my body alternates between rocking wantonly against his tongue and grinding on his chin, carried away by the need he has created as he thrusts his fingers deep into me. I hear loud moans, and groans of pleasure and wonder briefly where they are from, beyond feeling shame I realise they are coming from me.

I am no longer aware of my surroundings, compliant and lost to the shudders of my body, when Sir moves me, rolling so I am on my back. He thrusts his cock into my mouth, there is a strange whimpering noise and this too is coming from me. I love the feel of his cock.. I love how it goes into my throat and I can’t breathe. I love the salty taste of him and the groans he makes as he takes his pleasure.

“Should I cum in your mouth, your pussy or your ass Sweetgirl?”

His voice is low, and he taps each area as he speaks.

“You would welcome me wouldn’t you – you are well prepared… “

“Whichever would please Sir more” I reply … “I am yours”

The decision made, he grabs my head and thrusts into my mouth, “Fuuck, yeah,” he groans as he pushes his cock deep into my throat, and I feel the deep pulse in his cock that tells me he has come. I wait for him to release me and pull out, swallowing his cum I feel calm and satisfied. When he does I take a deep breath in, and gently catch the last drops of cum on the tip of his cock.

Getting off the bed he held out a hand to me, “I suppose we better take that plug out now,” he whispered, and smiling, I took his hand.

As a side note, Mr H and I found that the Bejeweled butt plug featured in this story which is similar to the smallest one in the Annabelle Knight set that the link takes you to, should be watched carefully during play as it can easily slip inside the butt during orgasm, and no one really fancies that trip to the hospital… This set is available from Lovehoney UK, Lovehoney Canada, and Lovehoney USA. These links are affiliate links – that means if you follow the link and make a purchase I get a thank you from Lovehoney – it does not affect the price you pay.

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  1. That makes me shy rather than empowered as well. Sounds like you had a wonderful night. 😀

  2. Ahhh. I see. Maybe sometime soon it will come true. 🙂 Perhaps with a few nudges and hints?

  3. Oooh. I hope we get a synopsis if he does!

  4. Omg I thought this actually happened!

  5. […] I bent over the end of the bed and he inserted the plug. He then used the vibrator on it just as I described in a recent fantasy. Then instructed me to ‘get on the bed arse in the air.’ He used the vibrator to […]

  6. I loved this. Tender, loving and so incredibly hot.
    Cousin Pons recently posted…A Dutch Interior 1680My Profile

    1. Thank you

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