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On Disability

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Real love, lockdown and being cared for.

Well hello 2021. Mr. H and I saw in the new year the way we always do, in bed, sleeping. Real Love. That’s what we have, real love. Not fancy, not glamorous. Just real. The UK is locked down again. Not surprising for most of us and yet despite all the restrictions and warnings from the NHS that it is overwhelmed there were still people selfish enough to protest outside a leading hospital, without masks or following social distancing rules, saying covid is a hoax. Well I say lucky them, that their lives have not been touched, lucky them, that

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Why I hate being in constant pain.

Constant pain, burning pain, breathtaking pain. Unless I am asleep I am in pain. Things have been a little easier for the last two weeks as the Dr agreed to increase the morphine I take to 100 mg of slow release morphine per day. This period is coming to an end, and so I have started to slowly reduce the dose by taking 40 mg at night time and 50 mg during the day. Feeling the effects. It has been two nights on the lower dose and this morning I can tell. The bilateral sciatic pain is there again. It

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Wheelchair Freedom.

I have been stuck indoors since the 10th January, only going out for hospital appointments, and I have to admit to feeling lonely and isolated.  I have now received my blue badge which means we can park in disabled bays, and we have been using a wheelchair we borrowed from my mum, but we decided to get one of our own given that we do not think I am going to have surgery until the back end of summer.  We made this decision for two reasons, firstly because we don’t like the idea that my mum doesn’t have the wheelchair

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Chronic pain

Chronic Pain update

If you are a regular follower you will know I suffer from chronic back pain and that this has become a life affecting condition.  I am unable to so so many things that a healthy person takes for granted and that includes riding Mr H cock!  One of the things I sometimes enjoy is knowing that I have brought him to climax as I sometimes feels very unfair that he always does the hard work. Chronic Pain treatment plan. Yesterday I had an appointment with the orthopedic spinal surgeon.  He has decided that he wants to do a diagnostic procedure

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