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Real love, lockdown and being cared for.

Well hello 2021. Mr. H and I saw in the new year the way we always do, in bed, sleeping. Real Love. That’s what we have, real love. Not fancy, not glamorous. Just real. The UK is locked down again. Not surprising for most of us and yet despite all the restrictions and warnings from the NHS that it is overwhelmed there were still people selfish enough to protest outside a leading hospital, without masks or following social distancing rules, saying covid is a hoax. Well I say lucky them, that their lives have not been touched, lucky them, that

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How to cope when your D/s becomes D/s Less

2020 has kicked our D/s Asses. My chronic pain and all the side effects of that have brought our D/s activities to a resolute stop and it has not only highlighted how much we enjoy them, but how they have become part of our normal lives. D/s, D’not. We used to partake 2 cane sessions each week – Wednesdays and Sundays. As I have lost some of the feeling in my derriere it is no longer safe to do this activity. All D/s activities are essentially risk assessed by Dominants and submissives as part of either RACK or SSC and

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How to stay positive when life sucks

I think it is fair to say for many people right now life kinda sucks. We are unable to enjoy the freedoms we did in order to ensure the NHS can cope with the number of people that are unwell, and to protect as many vulnerable people as possible. Covid 19 will, I think, be remembered the way we remember the black death and the Spanish Flu, and I for one hope that I do not lose and friends or family to it (touch wood). For me personally this couldn’t have come at a worse time, living in pain as

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It’s a kinda magic

It’s rare for relationships to last for 20+ years in today’s world and I think as a society we can be very “throw away” in our attitudes towards, not only things, but also the people in our lives. My gran and grandad were together over 60 years, had 5 children and several dogs (although only one at a time). My gran worked part-time when the children were grown up collecting rents for the coal board houses and my grandad worked down the pit. My dad and stepdad also worked down the pit until it closed following the miners strikes in

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