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prisoner of pain

Taken Prisoner by pain.

I haven’t written much lately. My heart, and head have not been in it. I have now spent over 7 months lied in bed staring at the bedroom walls and it is starting to weigh me down. 16 months in excruciating pain and I don’t feel sexy or attractive, so writing about that would be difficult. Inactivity and some poor eating habits have also caused weight gain that has me avoiding mirrors again. 99% of my clothes do not fit. I have 3 nighties, 3 sets of pyjamas, 1 dress, 2 tops and 2 pairs of leggings…. None of my

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barrel curls

Barrel Curls for Pin Up

A while ago Mr H and I went out for a meal and I had my hair done for the occasion.  I adore the 50’s style, the clothes were feminine and suit my body shape, but I can’t style my hair well so when it looks awesome, I have to take pictures! The stylist really did an amazing job with this one, victory rolls, barrel curls and the 3 curls you can see in the picture on one side. I felt like a superstar. At some point I hope I can learn how to do barrel curls myself although my

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Pin Up

My new photo meme ‘Pin Up’ has gone live! I’m very nervous and excited at the same time. I mean what if no-one joins in? There were so many positive messages of support when I announced the new meme in my post I’m still Standing , but what if? Well looks like that fear was completely unfounded, as two people had linked up by the time I went to bed last night and this morning that went to three! There is another meme that has popped up by MLSlavePuppet called Tie Me Up Tuesday, and this weekend MrH is going

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Peeking under the covers

I am a little pervert, I will admit that. Whenever I can I sneak a peek at Mr H’s body; when he gets dressed or undressed, when he is in bed. I wake up on and off during the night, because of the pain and when I get back in bed I will reach out for him. Touching him relaxes me, even if it is just his arm. Sometimes I will peek under the covers at his bottom and last night I took a couple of pictures. Cheeky peek. He may complain about my pervy nature but I know he

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I’ll have a glass of that

My present situation has made it difficult to take a new pictures, instead I have brought an image out of the archives and used some editing software to create a fun picture.  When Mr H saw it he responded, “I’ll have a glass of that!”  That gave me the idea for the title.

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wank bank

One for the wank bank

A wank bank refers to a selection of images that are regularly used for visual stimuli during masterbation. Mr H often refers to some of the pictures we take as being ‘one for the wank bank’ which never fails to make me smile. I mean who wouldn’t be happy to know that their husband finds them to be arousing and sexy? The following is a conversation that happened a few days ago between Mr H and myself, which resulted in one such picture. One for the Wank Bank. “Sir, my little nub is needy.”  He looked at me puzzled. “You know,”

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I love my boobs

I’ve loved my boobs for years. I have a great cleavage, and they have always been show stoppers… I used them to great effects college, especially when there was a debate going on. Leaning forward over the desk and looking at whoever was speaking (fellow student or some lecturers) and they would invariably loose their train of thought. Except MrH. He would keep his eyes on mine and hold his ground. He fascinated me. He still does. He also loves my boobs. Just yesterday he said that one of the things he loves is the fact that my boobs are

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