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She’s so lucky

MrH said to me last night, you never know your luck, we have a lottery ticket. I replied, “I used up all my luck when I met you,” and I meant it. Once upon a time, my life was dull. I was a good girl and I felt like Cinderella, and hoped one day I would be rescued by a handsome prince. I met my first husband, and I thought I was rescued. I wasn’t. Instead I was returned to the basement for further abuse. I realised I had to rescue myself and I did. When I met MrH I

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Boobday: dazzle

I decided to take part in Boobday… To see some other fabulous boobs, click the image below.

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Treat others…

As you would wish to be treated. These are the words I live by. I truly believe that what you do in this world comes back to you. So, if you treat others well you will likely be treated well in return. If only everyone could live the same way. To see more posts about favourite phrases or words to live by click the image below. To see all my Food for Thought posts click here

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I want it that way

The prompt for the 28th Erotic Journal Challenge is about sexual positions, what’s your most and least favourite? There have already been a few posts about this and there seems to be similarities in the favourite positions so far. . And I have to agree, Missionary, Doggy and girl on top are among my favourites too. So if you follow the meme I apologise in advance if you think have I read this already? I was searching for some images to use and found this delightful blog. They gave me permission to use their images and for more info on

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7th August 2019: Disloyalty

I am part of an amazing online community called The SafeworD/s Club, and they have regular chat nights when we discuss various topics. The chat this Tuesday was Anal play. I started by saying this is something that I do enjoy butt (see what I did there? Haha) it isn’t something we do and so I didn’t know how much I would be able to contribute. Submissy the hostess of the club asked I thought you liked it? And she’s quite right I do, but we haven’t done any anal play since 24th November 2018 and you can read about

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Try it

Over the last few years we have bought and tried a number of sex toys, quite a few of them are vibrators. Usually MrH tells me to try it out alone to see how I like it. It gives me the opportunity to experiment without worrying about being watched. The thing is, I think I’d like that to be different. There is part of me that wants MrH to be there. I want MrH to learn how I try them out. I want him to know how I press them to my body or position them. There is part of

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If I loose 10lbs I can have my belly pierced again… That’s what MrH told me today.  He called it an incentive. I’m 1 stone 10lbs above my target weight so I think he’s, is being kind not making me loose it all. Having said that, I am very aware I will have to be strict with myself to achieve the 10 lbs loss… So, my food diary is back on my phone. I’ve got the syn value of the usual things saved, and I have a reward to look forward to.. Then the only thing left to pick will be

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I don’t know what to say- Taboos

I am so grateful to everyone who follows me. There are 333 wordpress followers, 18 email only followers, and 549 on Twitter. Assuming that the same people follow me on both Twitter and WordPress I’m still blown away that over 500 people think what I write is worth reading! TJ raised a point recently about validation, and how she gets really fed up when very few people comment on her posts. Now she also acknowledges that validation isn’t actually something she aimed for when starting her blog but in my reply I commented that really I think we all want

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Tell Me About: Public Play

Public play isn’t something we have done, but we’ve spoken about it. We went to an event (of sorts) and watched our good friend administer a flogging to her slave. It was interesting to watch. Sexy Public Play Initially when we first went to The Townhouse I was intrigued by all the equipment. There’s a sex swing in the BDSM room that I would like MrH to fuck me in. There’s a medical chair that he could secure me in and then play with me, and that too is something I think I would like. The BDSM room is one

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Blah – post script

My last post Blah talked about how I was feeling a bit off and how MrH had read over my shoulder that I “wasn’t in a good place,” which prompted him to start a conversation about it. I amended the original ending to include that we had talked, and went on to say what I should have perhaps said. MrH didn’t see the altered ending. But…. I nipped to the loo. When I came back he was waiting with my night collar. He changed my collar. I was wearing a cotton nightie (so S2 isn’t confronted by a naked mum)

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