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Thoughts on being a Submissive


I wonder….?

I am a naturally curious person.  I have always wanted to know how machines work, and what makes people act the way they do.  My mum says that as soon as I learned to ask “why?” she didn’t get a moments peace, never satisfied with her answers, I would ask “but why?” over and over again.  My curiosity got me into trouble more than once too, when my impulsivity meant I had not thought about the possible consequences.  It was this curiosity that led me to ask Mr H in 2017 if he would try dominating me during sex and

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Being Intimate.

Last night S2 went out with some friends and Mr H and I were alone.  You may recall from my post No sex, no desire. that we have had a blip when it comes to being intimate, but had spoken about the reasons and were planning to rectify the situation.  Finding time and space to be freely intimate isn’t easy however when you have an adult son in the room next door, especially one with a knack of deciding to leave his room to make a drink or something to eat at the very moment we begin any kind of

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No Sex, No Desire.

I have written before about how, when we are less sexually active my submission and desire quickly vanish. I become snippy and argumentative. I am not as submissive in my mindset and from a sexual point of view, I go cold. A loss of libido if you will. When this happens it takes something deliberate and almost shocking to pull me back. This time, however it seems to have also affected Mr H too. Twice in the last few weeks we have not done my morning collar exchange and I think it is because we have not been able to

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I plan to fuck you

We have talked a lot following my post Hairy Pussy and Prioritising Intimacy.  Earlier today I asked if he had a plan for this afternoon, I confess I was really hoping his answer wasn’t going to be doing the laundry.  It wasn’t.  I plan to fuck you stupid, was his reply. The plan in action. When we had eaten lunch Mr H instructed me to get naked and I obliged.  He put my play/sleep collar on and told me to turn around.  He pulled me to him and kissed me, roughly, hard, holding my face and eventually grasping both nipples

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Hairy Pussy

One of my rules is that I am supposed to be shaved every day, ready to be fucked.  It isn’t like it is too much to ask is it? Mr H likes to eat pussy and, he doesn’t want to be faced with a hairy pussy.  I can understand that because I prefer MrH to be trimmed too, not shaved, just trimmed you understand.  I like stubble on his face and short hair around his cock.  Longer hairs tend to make me gag more. Lazy or letting yourself go? I haven’t shaved everyday since my March flare up.  I wish

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While I’ve got you there

I briefly mentioned in a recent post that I had ordered some stockings without permission.  MrH does not like to punish me and so I didn’t know if he would.  I found out last night. While I’ve got you there. Every evening MrH changes my collar.  I stand in front of him and he removes by chain and replaces it with my night collar.  After this is done he applies an ibuprofen gel to my back; I lean over the bed while he does so my body weight is on my arms.  Yesterday, after he had applied the gel he

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Might not will

There is a difference between the words ‘might’ and ‘will’ but my brain has trouble with this.  No, I’m serious and I bet I am not the only one… Let me give you an example.  On Thursday night MrH said his tummy hurt and I asked if he wanted something to ease it.  He said he did not and I responded with “OK” and dropped it.  Normally I would have followed up with an “are you sure?” but I did not.  As a result he said, “you might get a treat for that tomorrow night.” That’s what he said; but

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Faking Orgasms? Not anymore.

I have written about this topic before, and how I mentally justified faking it for many years.  In reality it still bothers me that I did this.  I don’t like that I did it and I don’t like ‘why’ I did it.  I don’t fake it now, I am sure that many women say that, don’t they?  I faked it with other partners but not with you dear.. Anyway, I digress. There are times when Mr H will ask me to cum for him and I think “I have” (usually I because I am incoherent I struggle to speak) but I

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submissive wife

So you want to be a submissive wife?

Did you read or watch 50 shades and think that’s hot?  Has your husband patted you on the bottom and you thought I would like more of that? Let me tell you now, in real life being a submissive wife (or partner) is not like the books or movies, it is much, much better. Most of the couples I have interacted with all seem to start the same way, the potential submissive wife has broached the subject with their partner. You can read about the start of my journey by clicking here and so I won’t go into it too

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We have a lot to talk about

Every Wednesday night Mr H and I don’t watch TV we talk. I might have a list of things I want to talk about, or we may just talk about our week.  It is simply one evening where the focus is on us and our relationship. On Wednesday morning before I went to work, I made a comment regarding the day and it being chat night, and Mr H responded, “yes it is and we have a lot to talk about.” I spent all day (when I wasn’t consumed by payroll and all the other crap I am dealing with

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