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Challenges, love or hate them you can’t escape them

Life is never free of challenges and learning to face them is just part of life. Of course there are different types of challenges too and some are easier than others.


I think it would be fair to say that Covid-19 and the lockdowns imposed have created challenges unlike any my generation has seen. The incidences of domestic violence rose, relationships broke down. Many D/s relationships struggled with no way to openly practice because clubs were closed or children were home all the time. This certainly affected our dynamic, although there were other things that contributed to our dynamic faltering.

What makes a thing a challenge?

For something to be a challenge, I think it needs to be difficult for you to do, something that makes you uncomfortable. I don’t mean physically, I mean emotionally or mentally. If it takes conscious effort then it is a challenge.

Facing Challenges.

Sometimes we have no choice but to face challenges head on. Grit your teeth and push through. Earlier this year Mr H contemplated looking for a new job and he hates interviews. He finds it very difficult to ‘sell himself’ during the interview process whereas I can get through them with relative ease. Rather surprising considering how little I think of myself in general, but during that interview process I am confident in my working abilities and I can put that across well. To his surprise after he put his CV online he received a lot of calls and he had a number of interviews. He received a few job offers but when he weighed up all the pros and cons he turned them down. I am so proud of him. He faced the task and I hope that all the calls and interest he received has shown him that he does have skills employers want.

While ultimately he decided not to move, I believe it was a good thing for him to have explored. Sometimes it is simply better the devil you know.

Pain Management Course

I recently completed a pain management course, and that presented a number of personal challenges for me. It was an online course that used Microsoft Teams to deliver the content. It was very emotional and difficult at times but I learned a lot about managing persistent pain and I am looking forward to seeing continued progress in by mobility and activity level.

Relationship Challenges.

For the most part we have a stable relationship and it does not have many challenges. Managing the demands of being a carer and husband has been one of the most challenging things for us but that too is getting easier. I have some independence back with the new bathroom and the new medication is more effective than the morphine I was taking so I am in less pain and my brain does not feel quite so muddled.

I still need to work on my ability to communicate my sexual likes and preferences, I wish I didn’t feel so embarrassed and awkward when I try, but I do at least try.

In all things are looking good.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. I think that Mr. X, although he did not change his job, but the experience that he received during the interviews improved his self-esteem.

    1. Perhaps a little, but Mr H still dislikes the job hunt process.

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