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Do you love having bruises when you have been spanked?

A long time ago, I wrote a post in which I said I wasn’t a masochist and Mr H wasn’t a sadist. I’m here to say I think I need to amend that statement.

Well and truly Spanked

You may remember my recent post ‘A Wonderful Surprise Spanking for Sweetgirl’, in which I described my first ever hard core (by my standards) hand spanking. If you missed it go read it quick – I’ll wait…..

Well my backside bruised up. I remember saying once that I have enough trouble sitting down without bruises to worry about as well (I’m paraphrasing) and so I was pleasantly surprised to find they didn’t hurt.

My Bruises

In fact, it became a bit of a thing. Every Morning we would take pictures of the bruises and marvel at their development. Mr H grinned every morning seeing them, which made me very proud of them.

I purchased some Arnicare cream, as it is meant to help bruises heal, and Mr H applied it that evening, the next morning the bruises had significantly faded. I think Mr H was rather disappointed and he commented that they would need “re-doing”.

I honestly didn’t think that being marked would be a thing either of us would want but as with many things we should not dismiss them until tried (except sharing – sharing I absolutely know I will not like).

Do any of you, dear readers, enjoy getting bruised by your Dominant from impact play? Please share with me using the comments!

Planning a repeat?

I can say with absolute certainty this will be something we do again, and it has given Mr H a boost to know how much harder he can go in the right circumstances.

My headspace has to be right. I know that if I am not fully in the moment it will be much harder to not call “red” and end play. If I am not feeling my connection to Mr H I am not sure how well it would work and I think there has to be some element of sexual stimuli for me too. That helps me relax and build the connection.

The location has to be right too. I cried out a lot, so definitely not a hotel activity (unless we want to cause a scene!) We also know it isn’t something we can explore at home if J is home. At the moment the house next door is empty but when someone moves in we will need some kind of cover noise. Loud music etc.

It is going to require further experimentation and that will be so much fun.

I suppose you want to see the bruises don’t you you pervert! Just kidding – you’re in good company…. Here they are…

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. I love marks from impact and from rope, regardless of who gives them to me. Self inflicted impact marks are the hardest to receive, but I only ever do those for him. But my absolute favourite is to be marked by Sir. If I was only ever marked by one person again it would be him.

    I had some art of some of his marks commissioned, but I sometimes share them on my blog. This post sums it up really well https://aleapoffaith.uk/2021/06/comfort-zone/ (hope thats OK to leave here. Feel free to edit my comment if you’d rather not!)

    1. Hi, of course you can share a link! I shall go have a look myself in a minute. I really didn’t think I would be ok with them but I really was. Wear them with pride I say LOL. Take care and of course Happy New Year

  2. Wishing u and H all the best in 2022 – i am up and down where marks are concerned – there have been times when i have delighted in them and others when they have worried me – and at the moment i am just trying to find somewhere in the middle
    May x
    May More recently posted…Thoughts of 2021 and 2022My Profile

    1. I think there are places on the body that bruises are a dangerous thing, (belly and along the spine) and I wouldn’t want bruises on my breasts. My derriere can take them through I think lol. I hope you and your family have a fantastic 2022 and beyond xx.

  3. Oh yes, bruises. Every time I had them, we documented them over and over again, and I never wanted any cream put on it because I wanted them to last as long as possible! Love your pics, Sweet!
    ~ Marie xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…Hindsight is 2021My Profile

    1. Thank you! I didn’t think the cream would work so well but it did. I did get a little paranoid in the house at night that someone would see (our son for example) as my side of the bed is visible from the door and we sleep naked. I also quite enjoyed having the cream massaged in….

  4. I love the fact you have charted the change. And looking at those I think you must be a masochist. They are spectacular xx

    1. Thank you

  5. […] (or impact play in general) at home any further which is a shame as we both really enjoyed the last one a […]

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