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Fet-ish – A great night out at Townhouse

Fet-ish is a crossover event held at The Townhouse in Wirral, and last week we went to our first one. If you are a regular follower you will know we have been attending the Munches at Townhouse for a number of years now, and that recently we started using the facilities during the munch so that Mr H can enjoy spanking me without worrying about our neighbours hearing us.

The decision to attend Fet-ish.

We had always planned to go to the BDSM event Radical Desire, which we attended for the first time in September this year, but we had ruled out attending Fet-ish because it is a crossover event and we are not interested in swinging. You may remember some of the horrid nightmares I had when we first started to discuss going to a club (and if you need a reminder click here) and so the idea of attending a swinging event really freaked me out. But, as often happens, when we talked to people who attend the Fet-ish and Radical Desire events, we decided that it may be that the Fet-ish event better suits our play needs.

Yes, you read that correctly.

You see the rules and etiquette for Radical Desire, the BDSM event, stipulate that any sexual contact takes place behind closed doors, so although we can enjoy impact play, and should Mr H wish to he can play with me sexually – forced orgasm etc, it has to be part of a larger scene. Fet-ish, however, allows for more sexual play and the number of attendees are reduced so there is more opportunity to use the rooms.

When we took the decision to go I decided to see if I could find some fetish wear and I bought the outfit you can see here. This is somewhat outside my comfort zone but when I showed Mr H the outfit he assured me that I looked good in it.

A Birthday Request.

Now, it just so happens that my birthday is in October and Fet-ish was the following day, so a few days prior I send Mr H an email requesting that, as a birthday treat, I would like it if we could have a little fun while we were there. Normally Mr H will go to events a couple of times before we play so he feels comfortable and so I knew I was asking him to go outside his comfort zone.

Fet-ish hits the mark.

We arrived at the Townhouse before 8pm and queued up. At the Radical Desire event they have whiteboards outside the rooms and you have to book a time slot, so we wanted to be in early to make sure we got a time slot in the BDSM room. It turned out that because there are fewer attendees they don’t have the whiteboards so we didn’t need to worry. Mr H decided that we would go play around 9pm and so we got a drink and sat in the bar area chatting to the people we now see regularly.

Right away we could feel the difference between Radical Desire and Fet-ish. Some couples with D/s dynamics had the submissive kneeling, something I had expected to see at Radical Desire but haven’t. At quarter to 9 Mr H and I wandered upstairs to see if the BDSM room was available for use, and as it was Mr H went to the locker for the toy bag and I waited in the room.

Play time.

Mr H closed the door and put my collar on. He then removed my dress so I was wearing only my panties and suspender fishnets. I wasn’t wearing a bra as the dress is halter neck and with the laces down the front any strapless bra would also be visible. Now, the BDSM room is a semi private room, as it has a window. However, there is a sheer curtain over this which gives a little privacy, but you can see through it, so there is always a possibility of being observed. Being topless and wearing a thong as I was I felt somewhat exposed and this immediately reinforced my submissive mindset.

Mr H took my hands and led me to the large A Frame that is in the corner. He raised my hands above my head and fastened my wrists into the cuffs. He pulled the rope, lifting my arms higher and I felt the anticipation build in me. My body rested perfectly against the padded cross beams on the A Frame, and as Mr H stroked my bottom I felt myself relax. Then he spanked me.

Mr H used his hands to spank me, as well as the flogger and the squealer. Every so often he paused and pressed his body against me, reaching round to cup my breasts and pinch my nipples. I could feel he was enjoying the experience when he pressed himself against me, which in turn increased my own arousal. He instructed me to spread my legs, and he pushed his fingers into my sex. I wanted him to fuck me so badly, I didn’t care if we were being observed, I was lost in the moment with him.

The impact play continued for a while and when Mr H called a stop I was in subspace, he helped me redress and then we moved to one of the closed rooms that are available with beds in so we could lie down and cuddle while I recovered. We lay together, spooning, Mr H behind me and he stroked my shoulder and kissing it gently. I reached round stroking his cock through his trousers. He responded to my touch and I commented that perhaps I should get his cock out and suck him. He moved to stand at the end of the bed, and unzipped his trousers. He let them fall and removed his boxer shorts. His cock sprang free and I moaned as I took him in my mouth. It wasn’t long before he said “are you ready for my cum?” I took him deep into my throat and felt him climax.

I can honestly say it was a fantastic birthday treat.

The Fet-ish after party.

We went back downstairs to the lounge and Mr H got drinks and a piece of cake each. We sat cuddled up, holding hands, until 10pm when I asked Mr H if we could head home. I was struggling to keep my eyes open and it takes us about 45 minutes to get home. Next time we will try to have an afternoon nap so we can stay awake longer! Oh how old that makes me sound. I may even look into spending a little time in the jacuzzi.

One thing we won’t be exploring is swinging, or playing with others. We still haven’t changed our mind on this, it just isn’t something that appeals to us, and that’s ok. One thing that the Townhouse staff emphasise constantly is consent; You don’t knock on a closed door, you don’t interrupt a scene, you don’t encroach on someone else’s play space without a invitation.

It was a brilliant evening and we both enjoyed it immensely. The A Frame was comfortable and because I was cuffed I felt I was in a more submissive headspace straightaway. We have talked about our experience after and Mr H confessed he had considered fucking me in the BDSM room too. I think we are going to have lots of fun at Fet-ish in the future and will be looking to go again – in fact we already have tickets for the December event.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


If you are a member of Fetlife you can find out more about the Fet-ish event by clicking HERE or on the Townhouse’s own website HERE.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself in a comfortable environment

  2. David - UK says:

    Sounds like an enjoyable evening for both of you – and the dress so suits you x

    1. Thank you it was

  3. 1st off – you look glorious in your new outfit! Mr H must’ve felt very proud to have you as his submissive.
    Your scene sounds very sexy and safe and an expansion of what you could do in your own home – bravo for taking that leap and I’m glad to hear you’d go again.

    1. Thank you we have plans to go in December which is the next event!

  4. The holiday was a success.

  5. David - UK says:

    Hello Sweetgirl, how are you doing? Hope you’ve had a fab Chrimbo – Happy New Year!

  6. David - UK says:

    I hope you and MrH are doing well.
    Any new posts coming soon? 😉


    1. Hello, yes we are doing well thank you. As for new posts, I am not sure.

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