Forced Orgasm Heaven

This morning our youngest went to help out my mum and we were given a couple of hours alone. Normally I would be winking and nudging MrH all morning about this “alone time” and what we might do in it, but today, for some strange reason I didn’t. I say strange because the child had interrupted play on Friday night and I have been sooo horny since then. MrH took child out and I was sewing. I decided to repair a seam rip in a quilt cover and then I took Missy’s corset pattern apart. I didn’t see Sirs WhatsApp message….

I want you naked and on the bed waiting for me when I get home

MrH walked in and said, “You didn’t see my message.”

“No,” I replied.

“You were to be upstairs naked,” he said.

I apologised got up and went straight up stairs, anticipation curling in my tummy. I grabbed a hair elastic and quickly cleared the bed, quilt on the floor, pillows moved, towels handy and the play mat in the middle of the bed. As I was about to go into the bathroom MrH said, “Is the wand handy?” I replied it was and got it out and plugged it in. I went quickly to the bathroom (ladies will understand how its easier to relax with an empty bladder) and being adept at multitasking plaited my hair and stripped off while I peed. Washing my hands, drying them quickly, I exited the bathroom. MrH was waiting naked but for his briefs. My heart kept. I need this man, I want him so much, it makes me ache.

He returned from the bathroom and said, “on the bed, on your back and do your best star fish impression.”

Of course I did as I was told.

He climbed onto the bed, moving up my body, I could feel is breath. When he reached my head, he said, “Now, I’m going to try to finish what I started the other day…”

He played me perfectly. His hands, his mouth, his voice. His cock in my mouth. I was at the brink of orgasm pretty quickly, and held off, wanting to ask permission, not wanting to let his cock out of my mouth to do so…. when he said “cum for me” I relaxed and the orgasms began.

Over, and over they washed over me. He controlled me, pushed me, again and again.

I think he asked me if I wanted a break, I think I said no.

When he turned off the wand my whole body was awash with the sensations. He thrust into me until he came, he had been inside me for some time as I writhed and moaned from the orgasms, so he came quickly. I swear I can feel his cum as it fills me. It is the best feeling in the world, no matter where he chooses to put it.

Afterwards, he placed the little towel gently between my legs and rolled me into my side. I was shaky, flying high in subspace.

He covered me with the quilt and placed a pillow under my head. He hugged me and held me, until I floated back to him.

I thanked him and lay in his arms for some time.

I love this man so much, my Sir, my husband, my life.

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