Fuck Budgets

It’s not what you think…

I saw this TEDx talk called ”the magic of not giving a fuck” and as well as making me laugh it made me think....


Sarah Knights talk is funny and more importantly it makes sense…

So what’s the idea?

It’s quite simple really, if you think about it, if you only have let’s say 7 fucks per week to spend on the things you do outside of working and sleeping how do you prioritise your spare time?  Do you go to the after work social event that you really truly don’t want to go to or go home and watch your favourite show? Well the answer is simple you spend your fucks on the things you want to do! So when your asked to go on the event you say “sorry no I can’t go”.

By making the decision to spend your budget wisely you will be less stressed, and you will fill your time with things you give a fuck about.  No more having to make excuses to drop out or go home early because instead you politely declined the invitation.  You haven’t been a dick about it you have been nice and polite.

Living a calmer happier life

I came to this same conclusion a few years ago and stopped going to things I didn’t want to, like after work parties and family weddings.

If I am invited somewhere and my first reaction is “I don’t want to” then I politely decline. It’s that simple.  I don’t make excuses, I just say “it’s so kind of you to ask but no thank you.”  Plain and simple.  If they push for a reason I simply say “I really don’t want to, but you have a good time”.

I’ve been happier for it!  I have less anxiety.  I have less stress. Give it a try…. see how it can work for you.

And because I’ve just learned how to imbed video links into my posts, I’m going to include a video of a man singing (in the style of George Formby), about, yes you guessed it, fucks!  Enjoy 😊










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  1. What a great video!! lol. Have a great weekend!!

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