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Hot Octopus Amo Review.

Hot Octopus sent me their ‘Amo’ to review and I was very excited.  I don’t normally like bullet vibrators, they don’t have a large enough surface area but the unusual shape of the ‘Amo’ had me intrigued.  At £49.00 + shipping I was expecting big things.

Hot Octopus Amo – First Impressions

The box is shiny and colourful, with Union Jack style lines on it.  It comes with a charging cable and instruction book. The Amo is 10.5cm long.  The buttons are not easy to see and I worried immediately about how easy it would be to operate.  It has the Hot Octopus crown on the bottom which does look pretty but does not have a functional use.   The Amo’s charging cable pushes into a small hole in the silicone covering.  I don’t know if with use this could become a place where lubricant gets stuck.  Time would tell. The power on button is on the same side as the charging port.  As you can see in the images the control buttons are just small dips. I plugged it in and left it charging, ready to test it out.

Oh piffle.

I settled down to try the Amo out alone.  Ten minutes later I had it finally turned on and on a setting that I wanted.  I was right about the buttons.  I spent ages trying to turn it on.  Then I kept turning it off when I was trying to change the intensity of the vibrations.  I almost gave up before I even began, I found it so frustrating.  In the end I decided to put it down to user error and having finally got it powered on and on a medium continuous vibration, added the lubricant and touched it to my clit.

Fifteen minutes later, I tossed it aside.  Frustrated.

I had tried everything. Everything that usually works that is.  Touching with the tip, was annoying, and slightly painful.  Using the rounded side, was not painful but it was still annoying.  When Mr H asked me what I had thought I told him that it was disappointing.  He said perhaps it needed a mans touch, and he would try it next time.

Second time’s a charm?

It was a few weeks later when Mr H remembered to get this out to try, he too had trouble turning it on and getting it to change settings. The buttons are just not easy to see or feel.  When used on my clit even adding other stimuli it did not get me anywhere near climax and again it was tossed aside.


I was very disappointed.  The controls are so difficult to see and use that everytime we tried it we got frustrated just powering it on.  This isn’t likely to be used ever again.  It did nothing for me at all.  In my opinion this is a very expensive flop, but there are plenty of people out there who disagree with me.

So, there you have it, my Amo Review. I’m not impressed but if you want to get your own, you can use the following links to be taken to the UK site* or US site*.

Sweetgirl x

*affiliate links.

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