On Being a Submissive

I must not question

I have this bad habit of questioning Mr H’s decisions. Not during a scene – but in our everyday lives, and in doing so I am challenging his authority over and over again.  Let me give you an example..

Challenging Authority

On Monday it was frosty and we have 1 car (2 motorbikes) and Mr H tends to ride to work. When it’s frosty we leave the bikes at home and I drop Mr H at work (he starts before me).

So on Sunday he said ‘if it’s icy tomorrow morning I’m going to walk to work’

I responded ‘are you sure?’

Mr H just reminded me calmly that he had just said so and I should not question him. Now, my mouth can get me into trouble.  Sometimes it acts before I have chance to really think, and as a result I sometimes say things that I really, really shouldn’t.  This was about to be one of those times.  I’d had just read a blog post where eye rolling was considered naughty (I wish I could remember where and who wrote it) and I happened to comment that it was a good job Sir didn’t punish me for eye rolling as his hand would be red raw…. this may prove to be a mistake on my part!!! Mr H has now started taking notice of the eye rolling..

On Monday afternoon sir messaged me to say he wanted to walk home. I simply replied ‘yes sir’

Mr H said he had noticed this and was pleased.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after all!

It is only a baby step of course, and I am sure that try as hard as I might I will still challenge his authority occasionally…

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. *giggles* I love the pic!

    Not questioning is something I struggle with too!

    Nowadays, instead of questioning, I try to voice my concerns regarding the decision Daddy has made. Eg. I’m worried that ___ will happen if you do ___. It seems to work well for us as Daddy knows my concerns while not having me questions/undermine his decisions in an attempt to change his mind in order to have my way. (Does that make sense?)

  2. I am hoping that you still are allowed to question and express concern when something causes worry and stress. There are things where you should not question but there are still times where it is wise and prudent to do so. Being a submissive isn’t about accepting everything, but it is about knowing when something is purely based upon resistance and habit as opposed to genuine concern.

    Take care.

    1. Oh yes I can definitely do that – it’s more about the, I’m going to walk home, I do not want a drink, stuff as I usually say ‘are you sure’ and this bugs the life out of MrH!!

      1. That is good. Yes, you should start to understand that if he wants something, he will tell you to get it for him 🙂

        1. I know he reads these blogs and comments so he’s likely sat going ‘indeed’

  3. i struggle with this! Lars and i had a discussion last night. i was having some confusion about a decision He made, and in the moment didnt question it, but probably should have. i asked Lars, “does questioning you so that i understand your motives, or thought process, compromise dominance?” His response was that while i should never question His authority, if i feel confused or worried i should let Him know. Its so nice knowing that if i need to ask i can, but otherwise can enjoy His leadership without worry.

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