Wicked Wednesday

In these Arms.

“If you were in these arms..” Bon Jovi’s voice sings as Mr H pulls my body against his; his arms securing me to him possessively, protectively, and he whispers in my ear “I love you, I’ll please you, I tell you that I’ll never leave you.”  Ok so there is come artistic licence in there, but I appreciate his effort.  He knows how I am struggling again with the nightmares, and when he hugs me to him like this it always settles any anxiety I have.

Baby can I hold you?

A hug can, in my opinion, convey many emotions, and depending on the people involved and situation, they have the power to heal.  I am a tactile person. Physical touch is important to me, and I will seek out Mr H’s body for comfort.  Just being able to touch him calms me when I am distressed or anxious.  At night when we are laid in bed I will often move my pillows aside so I can lay my head on his chest, and listen to his heartbeat.  In these moments, Mr H will stroke my arm with the hand he has around me and with each stroke, my stress and anxiety will lessen.  Being in his arms is my happy place and my safe space.  A fact I have mentioned before.

Lay your hands on me.

Yes, I’m back to Bon Jovi.  I do hope that the world learns from this lock down how precious a commodity physical touch can me.  Yes consent is required but perhaps we will also realise how important the hug is to physical and emotional well being.  Hugs are in my opinion, the bread and butter of a relationship, along with holding hands and gentle kisses.  They are what keep you connected when you are fully clothed because we can’t be naked and fucking every second of the day. 

Sweetgirl x

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New photo meme…

In the last few weeks I have been working on a new project, The Fun Theme Photo Meme launches on the 1st April 2020.  Each theme will last a full calendar month and is open to anyone over the age of 18.  For more details click here..

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