Is the lockdown really coming to an end?

The lockdown in England is about to move into the next stage of the “roadmap out of lockdown” and two households will be allowed to meet up – outdoors – while maintaining social distancing, without breaking the rule of 6. Sound complicated? Well yes, and no. They don’t count children under 5 but you’re buggered if you have 3 teenagers! With 3 teens and two adults your household is at 5 so you still can only meet 1 grandparent at a time?! I mean it’s a step forward but I will be extreemly surprised if it is adhered to. After 12 months of being in and out of lockdown there is I think a growing apathy towards following the rules and yet I hope so very much that the plan works.

Hugs and Kisses.

I have to admit I miss hugging my mum. I can’t imagine what it has been like for people who have lost family members, unable to visit in them in hospital until the end, and even then in some cases visits were not allowed. I know some people who have lost their lives to this virus and I remember last year when the first lockdown ended thinking that it was too soon. It was. Without a vaccine everyone was vulnerable. England delayed locking down when the second wave hit, and there were, in my opinion deaths that could have been avoided.

I for one am looking forward to the time when everyone in my contact group has been vaccinated. Being able to share a hug, hold a hand, to provide comfort and show affection will be wonderful. I have a nephew who is 5 months old and it will be lovely to meet him. He’s at that fabulous age where he giggles, and he has the most adorable chubby cheeks.

April Fools.

The question is, will we all be April fools or will we stick to the plan? Last year a group of bloggers took part in the Lockdown Diaries, and it was interesting to see how it affected each one of us differently and yet we all had similar concerns. Would our loved ones be safe? What would happen to our jobs? How will the world look when it was over? One year later and in some cases I think nothing has changed.

The world is still an intolerant place.

While I can understand the desire to protest, I will not condone violence and rioting. During what is a global health crisis I cringe at the idea of a group of people gathering for any reason. Social distancing goes out of the window and I wonder how many of the attendees became ill or passed the illness to someone vulnerable.

At a time when we are as a species (human) in danger from a virus why are some unable to show empathy to others? Why do some focus on themselves, their rights, their needs rather than the needs and rights of the many? If anyone has an answer I would love to hear it!

Lockdown is not my Kink.

Now I love being tied up, restrained, mentally, physically. Our first foray into D/s involved mental bondage and was incredible, but this lockdown has really put a kink in our kink, so to speak. We have booked a hotel room for July. We hope that this gives enough time for the lockdown to end although there are worries about vaccine supplies and so while MrH and J have had their first vaccines (they are my carers and therefore eligible) I have to wait until they call the over 40’s.

Having said that J has a girlfriend and when rules permit we hope he will be spending time with her, giving us some time alone at home. We would also like him to get a job, and to that end the end of lockdown should bring about improvements in the job market that may provide more opportunities.

More time at home alone will mean Mr. H and I can get the ropes out and although it will be modified to accommodate my abilities I still hope to find myself tied and at the mercy of Mr. H. To read more about the Kinks we enjoy click HERE.

I will leave it there for today I think, and share an old image of rope work. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. I so agree with you that lockdown has impacted so much on relationships, connections and kink. It has made a difference for us in subtle ways but ones which have slowly allowed things to slip to a place where we don’t really want to be. Hopefully, as you say, some semblance of normality will allow us to start to explore some of the things that have been put on hold. Thank you for sharing – the hotel sounds like fun! missy x
    missy recently posted…Saturday Shorts ~ a matter of choiceMy Profile

    1. Fingers crossed

  2. Let’s hope that the situation is really improving and you will be able to get to know your niece in the near future 🙂

    1. Indeed x

  3. Where I don’t mind being home most of the time, it has brought out an ugly side in some of my colleagues, and the bond we once had, is totally gone. I now prefer to work at home, and with what happened to Master T, it’s now a very good thing I can work from home. But, that said… yes, it would be nice to get back to some kind of normalcy again. I would love to go on a photography outing with my daughter again, and yes we can do that, but we like to incorporate lunch with it, and currently that’s not possible. Sadly our numbers are rising alarmingly, so I guess it will take some time before our lockdown is really over…
    Take care, Sweet!
    ~ Marie xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…No Consent: Telling Fred and FranMy Profile

    1. MrH will be back in the office 2 days a week soon, and that’s going to take some getting used to. I have got used to him being around. I know what you mean about it bringing out a bad side in some people though. I hope they get those numbers under control soon xx take care

  4. Hey Sweet, I agree with so much of what you’ve shared here. We have been impatient as a country and many people have a tendency to think ‘I’m alright Jack!” when consideration for others, especially the more vulnerable should be high priority. Those who are vulnerable are changing … it’s now the people who haven’t had their 1st injection who need to take extra care – I am baffled that you weren’t allocated a jab earlier. Don’t they know how precious you are to us??

    I to am longing for some privacy for us and some freedom for my grown up child living at home – but we’ve been patient this far, let’s keep it going. I hope the bank holiday weekend isn’t going to make the UK take 1 step backwards.

    Great post Sweetgirl xx
    Posy Churchgate recently posted…Delphine’s Schooldays Chapter 18 – The CoronationMy Profile

    1. Well if the scenes from yesterday’s parks are anything to go by we’ll likely be back in lockdown by the end of the month!

      Let’s hope the young uns settle down.

      Take care xx

  5. I know a few people who lost relatives – not to Covid but to broken hearts. Not understanding and thinking their relatives had abandoned them. That breaks my heart a little.
    I think the vaccine will turn out like the flu vaccine – an every year thing.
    I am happy to see you writing. Who would have believed it last year! we’d all be here again. And I doubt this will be the last time either. The lockdown felt like something that was going to a once in a life time nightmare, when we wrote the book, now it seems to many as simply part of a strange new life.
    May More recently posted…April, the Fool on the Hill ~ Short StoryMy Profile

    1. I know it’s been so hard on so many people and even though we hope to move out of lockdown I don’t think life will ever be the same again.

  6. Everything passes. And bad too. Let’s hope for the best.

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