Kneel before me

Sir- are you thinking of playing with me tonight? I typed the message and hit send. Mr H was in the bath, and I felt horny, as usual.

Why? The reply pinged up.

I’m horny Sir. And if you’re not planning to play- can I get a toy out? I typed the reply and sent it.

I haven’t decided if I will play with you yet. Mr H’s reply came back. I waited, wondering if he would tell me I could play. Quite often when he says he hasn’t decided, it means we aren’t going to play because he’s tired. I have a decision to make now…. I can either ask if I can play or I can stay horny.

Can I get a toy out and play?

The message went and I waited for the ticks to turn blue. Waited for his reply. They changed colour….


One word. No explanation. He’d never said no before. I worried I’d done something wrong.

I didn’t reply. I just returned to watching tv and settled myself to being horny.

Mr H got out of the bath and came into the bedroom. He had a towel wrapped around his hips – I always like him like this. He looks relaxed. His body is warm and his cock is always slightly engorged. I always want to take him in my mouth and hear him moan. I love it when I can please him. But this line of thought doesn’t help my horny self! I turned my attention back to the tv.

He moved around the room, opening a couple of drawers and I tried to focus only on the tv and not on what he was doing. The drawers at his side of the bed contain the toys and the rope. They also contain handkerchiefs, socks and savlon.

“Shall we do your collar?” Sir asked. Well he doesn’t really ask. So I got up and scooped my hair up, twisting it out of the way. I stood in my usual place and he stood behind me, unfastened my day collar and placed the night collar round my neck.

“Who’s are you?” He asked

“I am yours.”

“Who’s my girl?”

“I am.”

“Who’s the only girl who gets my cum?”

“I am.”

“Go to the loo please,” he said. I grumbled under my breath as I headed to the bathroom. Essentially that I didn’t need to be told to go to the loo! But I went anyway, it was unusual for him to tell me to go to the loo so I was a little puzzled.

When I returned to the bedroom Mr H was sitting on the bed.

“Come here.” He beckoned me to him. When I got to his side of the bed I noticed the mat was on the floor and the wand was plugged in.

“Kneel before me.”

I was wet before I got two steps forward.

“I have decided that as I am tired but I want to play we will do so in a way that requires minimal effort from me. You will use the wand on yourself. You will cum until I decide you can stop. You will follow the other instructions I give you, and you will suck my cock when I tell you to. When I tell you to stop you will stop. When I want to cum you will stand up, lean against the drawers and I will take you from behind. Are you happy to continue?”

Biting my lip, to hide the smile I replied, “yes Sir!”

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  1. A beautiful image, and a sexy story 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Beautiful. I suspect you were very happy.

  3. Well it sounds like him being tired is not the worst thing ever *grins


  4. Very realistic!! But like the others, I’m hoping it comes true!

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