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Life goes on: Death, Impact play and us.

Unless you live under a rock, you will be aware that on Thursday the 8th September 2022 Queen Elizabeth II passed away, and the united kingdom entered a period of national mourning. This ended yesterday with her funeral. There have been a number of TV programs on about her life and achievements, and after two days of none stop programming I decided I couldn’t watch any more. I may be a wimp but I was just so upset by them I felt it was not healthy for me to continue to watch them and cry. So, as life goes on here in the UK, I want to share my thoughts on the passing of this great lady, and give a little update on our journey.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Elizabeth II 1926-2022

I have seen her reign described as the “Elizabethan Age”, but I think they need to come up with some way to differentiate between Elizabeth I and II. There is after all a big difference between the two reigns although both were undoubtedly excellent people, who each reigned for rather a long time, referring to them both as the Elizabethan Age will get very confusing. Elizabeth II sat on the throne for 70 years, and baring some catastrophe it will be some time before a monarch has the opportunity to reign for this length of time again. King Charles III starts his reign at the age of 73, the oldest ever person to assume the British throne, but I am sure he will do this duty admirably. He has been training for it his whole life. Time will tell on that one.

I think she must have been a remarkable woman. I didn’t know her, I never had the opportunity to meet her, but given all she lived through, and the public scrutiny she endured, how could she be anything else? Thousands of people paid their respects by visiting her as she laid in state or by watching her funeral. I feel for her family as they grieve, especially as they have had to be the embodiment of life goes on over the last few days, with the seamless transfer of power.

Elizabeth II described her husband Philip as her “strength and stay” and I guess I like to think that, like my own grandmother and grandfather, they are together again in the after life.

Life goes on.

Over the last few weeks we have managed to enjoy impact play more often, in fact the last week alone, we have managed three sessions. At the munch Mr H gave me a hand spanking, which was thoroughly enjoyable, and then the next evening at home he got the cane out for some playtime.

We have increased the intensity of these sessions over time, and Mr H does enjoy it when he makes me cry out. I’m not screaming you understand, we do have neighbours, but at the same time I am not able to be silent.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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