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Little Toe

At the moment I am wearing flight socks during the day because I am so imobile and we (the Doctor and I) suggested that it would be a good plan to prevent DVT. I can’t begin to tell you how sexy they look! Although I suppose if you are into the school girl look then maybe they do, but Mr H isn’t. Even so, he is attentive and caring.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

There are some things which cause DVT, but mostly it is inactivity, which is why you are encouraged to wear them on long flights because you are sat down for a long time. As I am spending my days laying in bed we decided it was a good precaution. After my hysterectomy I had to inject my tummy with a drug called Calexine for a week, as well as wearing compression socks for two weeks. The injections were not bad, the compression socks were awful, they made my legs so warm and my hysterectomy was in July so it was hot.

Little Toe

Well back to the point, yesterday when we returned from the MRI my calves were really aching and so I asked Mr H to put the socks on. It needs to me noted that it takes quite a lot of effort to put these socks on. He stretched the socks out and put my toes into the sock, but my little toe escaped and was stuck on the outside of the sock. As he tried to pull the sock on I tried to alert him to this.

“Little toe, little toe, little toe,” I said urgently, “outside sock, outside sock!”

Mr H addressed the problem, but I could see he was trying not to laugh. In the end we both ended up laughing, at my lack of articulation.

Laughter and Love

I think it is important to have laughter in a relationship, and I am so glad we have it in ours. Those few moments of laughter really help lift my mood which at the moment is pretty low. The regular cane sessions are also helping.


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  1. I hope you’re back on your feet again soon. I had to wear those socks after my surgery and agree, they are not cute. You’re right about the laughter too, it’s so important. If you can’t laugh at the silly things with them you’re with the wrong person.

    1. The laughter was much needed I’m sure, even in a state of disability I believe it is the best medicine. I wish you the best Sweet. I hope you and Mr. H keep up the laughter. ❤️

    2. It is we do laugh often. I even use our alexa to make MrH laugh….

  2. I agree that laughter is critical in any relationship. I’m glad you both are able to laugh. It’s a healing action!

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