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I asked MrH if we could talk at the weekend and he said we would on Monday night. He didn’t delay for any other reason than he was on call and if his phone had rung our chat would have stalled so I’m grateful he waited. True to his promise on Monday night we talked.

Well to be fair, when we got in from work he told me to kneel on a pillow in our room for 2 minutes and think about my day.

Then he put me over the kitchen table and spanked me a few times. I was away with the fairies for several minutes after that…. but I digress…

He worked on Saturday and if you’re familiar with my blog you will know how much I hate it. How it can lead to an emotional cliff jump, or melt down. This weekend I hung on, by keeping busy but I still wasn’t feeling myself. In fact hard to put my finger on why but the last few weeks I really haven’t felt like “me”.

You may recall I had my hair coloured differently last October, I went red. The thing is it was meant to be this shade….

Instead it’s this…

When I look in the mirror I don’t see “me” my hair is just too dark, and it’s creating a disjointed feeing in me.

There is a plan in place to get the colour sorted out, but it’s two weeks away. In the mean time I will have to remember that I am under there.

MrH talked about a number of things and we cuddled too. Having regular talks is something we fall down on, and it’s something we need to put the effort into doing more so MrH has suggested that on a Wednesday we will have a chat and a cane session. He did put them the other way around but I asked if he could do the talk first so the cane session is the closure of the talk, and so I’m conscious for the talking. It also means I can stay drowsy to fall asleep. He agreed that it made sense.

Just a quick post tonight as I’m heading over to the safewords club for the Tuesday chat. Be safe and well 😊

3 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. I drew instantly to your hair story, because that is exactly my hair situation right now – right down to the color. I am trying to condition and (re)strengthen it, because I am worried about breakage due to bleaching. I want my red back SO BAD. It doesn’t feel like me at all to be more brown, darker. I’m not sure how, given the photos and discussion I had with my stylist, my hair turned out so dark. It definitely isn’t me. I think I may move to home dye and bleach situations. At least then the mistake will be mine.

    1. I’m going to a different stylist. She has taken a hair sample to see how it responds to being lightened. Which is brilliant. Something all stylists should do but rarely do because of time constraints.

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