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Not the food, the singer.  I love a power ballad, and Meatloaf is very good at them.  Of course “I would do anything for Love- but I won’t do that” is the song most people think of when you say Meatloaf, in fact I read somewhere (probably twitter) that Meatloaf is the perfect safeword – cos it means you will do anything but not that.. but I digress.  I do love that song but I have always preferred “I’d lie for you (and that’s the truth)” and if you want to listen to it I have added the video below.  This song is a declarative song, and I do think it describes a beautiful relationship, its a nice romantic song, you know?

When MrH and I met we listened to a lot of Meatloaf and we had a lot of sex, as you do when you are young and very much in lust.  Food for Thought is asking this week, about the things we do for love, and I thought I would use Meatloaf’s song “I would do anything for Love- but I won’t do that” to explain how I know MrH would do anything for love but He won’t do that (and what that is!).

Over the years, but particularly the last few, and by that I mean since we started our D/s, I have come to believe that MrH loves me perhaps better than I love him, certainly more than I think I deserve.  I can say with certainty that I love him and only him.  I do not want anyone else and I never have.  I believe he never questions my faithfulness and trusts me.  I on the other hand, distrust his love.  I fear he will take it away.  I fear he will find someone else. Someone who doesn’t need the help I do, someone who can be suspended without him being worried about their back pain, and I wish I didn’t have these insecurities because I think it does him a disservice.  I think I should trust that he will be there for me no matter what, as he has proven time after time that he is.

But, going back to the Epic “I would do anything for Love” there is a section of the song, a conversation between the man and the woman, this section I think describes perfectly how MrH treats me, and for clarity I mean the full version of the song..

The woman begins by asking:-

Will you raise me up? will you help me down?
Will you get me right out of this godforsaken town?
Will you make it all a little less cold?

I know over the last few years MrH has certainly raised me up.  My self confidence has improved and when we have sex he certainly has me flying high!   So keeps me warm too so he definitely gets to say “I can do that”.  He treats me like I am so special, precious, it doesn’t matter where we live, because he makes me feel like a princess.

Will you hold me sacred?
Will you hold me tight?
Can you colorize my life I’m so sick of black and white?
Can you make it a little less old?

MrH certainly hits these targets too.  He makes everything better.  Without him I am sure my life would have a little less colour in it and I definitely feel like he worships me at times.  When he holds me tight I feel safe and when we laugh together its wonderful.  He somehow makes everything new.  So, we can tick these off with a “yes”.

Will you make me some magic, with your own two hands?
Can you build an Emerald city with these grains of sand?
Can you give me something that I can take home?

We have together built a life together, not exactly an Emerald city from a grain of sand but you know what, our home is filled with love and joy, I would say that counts as magic right?  Once again MrH can definitely do that.

Will you cater to every fantasy I got?
Will you hose me down with holy water, if I get too hot?
Will you take me places I’ve never known?

I guess those of you who have read my blog will be well aware that MrH has certainly catered to many fantasies of mine.  I do keep asking if I can fulfil any of his but he generally responds that we did them already in our early months (french maid outfit) and that he doesn’t have any others.  He has taken me to subspace and back as well as that post orgasmic blissful place where you body is just a mush, so yeah, MrH can do that! LOL.   The thing with this song that does always resonate with me is that the woman is as mistrustful as I am, and she goes on to say:

After a while you’ll forget everything,
It was a brief interlude, And a midsummer night’s fling,
And you’ll see that it’s time to move on.

Of course the response from Meatloaf is the resounding “I won’t do that” which incidentally is where the song gets its title (people apparently seem confused as to what Meatloaf won’t do for love but I just think they didn’t listen to the song!).  Our woman still isn’t convinced as she continues:-

I know the territory, I’ve been around
It’ll all turn to dust and we’ll all fall down
Sooner or later you’ll be screwing around

Here we get to it.  She thinks, just as I fear, that love doesn’t last, and promises get broken.  Given enough time he will get bored and move on.  Here again our hero states emphatically I won’t do that
No, I won’t do that

This is what I want so desperately to believe.   I want to believe that MrH will never do that, but I am always brought back to the first gift he ever gave me.  It was an alien face and he carved the following onto the back “I can’t promise to be your lover forever, but a friend forever I can.”  He is my friend, I know he is, and that friendship is precious to me, but I want him to be my lover forever, I want him to love me forever, I don’t ever want to be “just” his friend and I don’t want him to ever screw around, I want him to be just like our hero in the song, I want him to do anything for (my) love, but not that.

And for your viewing pleasure, the full version of Meatloaf “I would do anything for Love- but I won’t do that” .  Bear with the video as it is extended in order to play with the full 12 minute song! And, if you can’t face the 12 minute song the video of the 7 minute version is at the very bottom!

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


This post is linked to Food 4 Thought #123 ‘Things We Do For Love’, click HERE to see more posts inspired by the topic.

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  1. This is a really great take on the song and the theme this week. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I’m not ashamed to say that I love Meatloaf too! The Bat Out Of Hell album was amazing.

    1. I’m heading to the bottom to leave my main comment, but have to agree that Bat of of Hell is a freakin’ masterpiece. I honestly think it is one of the best albums of all time! And I’d happily die on that Meat Loaf hill 🙂

  3. I feel the same way with HD. I don’t think he worries about me straying or anything like that, but I often express the worry that he will become bored over time or I won’t be enough for him, despite his assertions otherwise. I think it’s just something we have to learn how to navigate around the fear.

  4. I love Meat Loaf, he is a ridiculously underrated performer if you ask me. I was lucky enough to him life when I was a teenager and I could have died from happiness, he was amazing and I was so excited to see him included in a post for this week’s F4T because along with a few other songs his definitely popped into my head as I was writing. I loved your post as well, it was a fab exploration for the prompt and something I know a lot of folks will identify with x

  5. I loved every bit of this Sweet! Meatloaf has always been a favorite of mine growing up. I keep thinking of “Eddie” now lol

    1. Hehehe

  6. Great post Sweet – and I know people often assume with that song – I am a meatloaf fan! x

  7. […] we met he had recently released the Album ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ and the epic I would do anything for love was once again being played on the music channels as part of the promotion. . We, Mr H and I, made […]

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