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Memory foam mattress topper

We have a silentnight miracoil mattress. It wasn’t cheap (in my opinion) costing just over £400 and it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable than the cheap mattress we had before. We have had this for 2 years now and as my back has its ups and downs I have found that I am waking up each morning full of aches and pains.

What I have noticed recently, is that when we stay at a premier inn, the mattress is really comfortable. I mean really comfortable! It’s one of their selling points as a hotel chain, a good night guaranteed. They have even started to sell the mattresses as a product. I priced one up (out of curiosity you understand) here and for our bed the mattress alone is £525…. now don’t get me wrong there are way more expensive mattresses out there, and perhaps one day I will get one of these (probably when I win the lottery and I can afford the super king size – for every room in my castle) hehehe.

In the meantime I have got a 7cm memory foam mattress topper in the hope that this extra layer will help stop some of the morning aches.

The proof is in the …

We didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. What a difference.

Of course the play & cane definitely helped me sleep soundly last night (but that’s another post 😉).

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. From personal experience, a good memory foam mattress topper can make a difference between an achy stiff back in the morning and a restful night, and it’s much cheaper than a full mattress. A memory foam pillow is not to be neglected, either. Hope your topper does the trick for you until you are ready to splurge for more!

    1. So far so good

  2. Glad you seem to have solved the problem and on a budget! Mattresses are incredibly expensive for essentially just a slab of foam.

    1. True

  3. I have a bamboo fiber topper on a memory foam mattress. Love the foam but it holds heat and I burn hot anyway. Without the topper I would wake up haveing kicked all the covers off and still sweating in my sleep. But that bamboo is freaking amazing. Good air flow.. keeps me cool but still warm enough to be comfortable. Highly recommend the combo. Total was only about 350 on Amazon for a queen.

  4. You just can’t go wrong with a Premier Inn can you.

    1. Mr H says:

      Not really. Although I find the room a little small to swing the floggers

      1. I hope you mean flogger, wouldn’t want a load of webcam people in the room too, unless you’re into that sort of thing

        1. Lol

  5. I agree, the mattresses at Premier Inn are amazingly comfy. I invested in an expensive new mattress a couple of years ago, I seem to recall spending about 700 quid all up, and made a significant dent in the credit card, but I do still think it was well worth it. I’m glad that the mattress topper is doing the job and keeping you comfortable, until such time as your Euromillions numbers come up!

    1. Indeed lol

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