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Move along

Steeled Snake wrote a post recently following a comment he received, where someone had complained that the content of his blog suggested that D/s relationships were “better” than vanilla ones. It got me thinking about the world in general and keyboard warriors in particular.

I’m offended

You can’t seem to express an opinion these days without offending someone. But on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or instagram, when your opinion or thoughts stray from the mainstream vanilla track, there are people who will actually comment to tell you how wrong you are.

I find this incredulous.

I wonder if these people are aware that they have freedom of choice? They could actually choose not to read a post that they don’t want to!!! They could choose not to follow a blogger who’s points of view they do not share or appreciate!

If you don’t want to read my blog- scroll past, unfollow, mute, hide… you have that power! You can just move along.


My blog is mine. It contains my thoughts. It contains my opinions. I am in no way trying to persuade anyone to follow my path. This makes sense to me and works for us.

Steeled Snake makes a similar point.

I suspect that the people who make these comments are the first to proclaim that they have the right to express their opinion (so do we) and the right of free speech (works both ways you keyboard warrior)…

7 thoughts on “Move along”

  1. Yes!! This just happened to pet last night on a post he made on my blog. Mr. High and mighty had tell pet how wrong he was by being agnostic. Pet held it together and told the guy to move along as he was treading on my space.

    I followed this up with a conversation with pet. He doesn’t need to engage with people that don’t believe in what we do, it is asking for trouble. We have a hard enough time being censored on so many platforms.

  2. I tend to not give 2 fucks about anyone who acts like that. Just immediate send to mental (blocked list) and as for the comment by snake implying D/s relationships are better than vanilla.. talk to any relationship counselor and they will tell you that by enlarge they ARE better and more healthy. So yah.. nothing need even be implied.. I will own that shit. Trust? Communication? Healthy habits? D/s is almost always better.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. It’s one thing if people are angry at racism, xenophobia etc. stuff that’s obviously inherently wrong. But nowadays people find the teeniest tiniest menial thing to be outraged about and take it WAY too far. I’ve your white-hot-rage offended with the colour of someone’s jumper (yes, really, unfortunately) then you won’t last 5 seconds in the real world. In those contexts, I honestly feel they need to just grow up and accept that no two people are the same. Yep, you can see annoyed this gets me as well lol!

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