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My Top Ten most viewed posts of the year.

Wicked Wednesday has reached a milestone point, and the prompt she has chosen for the 500th week is “top 10”. I personally think this is an amazing thing 500 prompts, and I offer her massive congratulations. She puts such amazing effort into this prompt and the others she runs. Anyway without further ado, here are my top ten most viewed posts (according to Jetpack.)

Number 1.

Number 2.

Number 3.

Number 4.

Number 5.

Number 6.

Number 7.

Number 8.

Number 9.

Number 10.

My favourite post?

I was quite surprised by some of the posts on this top ten list. I thought posts like Sex and BDSM and Erotic Photography would be higher on the list as these are popular key search words.

I took a little break from writing this year because of my back pain and the medication I was taking, but I am feeling more myself and writing again.

Unfortunately some of my recent posts don’t make the top ten because they haven’t been published long enough to have high numbers. I like to think my posts have improved with time, and as such I hope my newer work will make for good reading.

Including this post, there are 485 posts on my blog and I couldn’t pick my favourite if I tried, mainly because I can’t remember them all! But the recent spanking that resulted in bruises does mark a personal favourite experience- definitely in my top ten! I’ve a post in the works at the moment, a follow up to the recent spanking. This time following the bruises as they fade, keep an eye out for the pictures of my backside that will be in that one!

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


This post is inspired by Wicked Wednesday #500 “Top Ten” and to see more posts inspired by the topic click HERE.

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  1. It was fun to see which of your posts had the most views! 485 posts is a lot of posts!!! XOXO

    1. Thank you! There would have been more but I deleted loads when I moved from sweetgirlsjournal to asubmissivewife.

      It will be interesting to look again in 12 months and see what’s been most popular especially as I’m writing again, and things are moving along with our BDSM play.

      Best wishes to you and yours Nora for a wonderful 2022 and beyond!

  2. I am always surprised which ones have the most views too and it changes so much year to year although it isn’t always the newer ones which get the views. I have made my list based on views this year rather than all time views so that changes things a bit. I know what you mean about not having a favourite. They all hold memories, don’t they? Great list and so good to have you back blogging again xxx
    Missy recently posted…When D/s doesn’t happen ~ Missing missyMy Profile

    1. Thank you

  3. Thank you, Sweet, for the congratulations and joining in with your top 10. It’s an interesting collection, with diverse subjects. I like that! Maybe when you do the stats again next year, your spanking post will be in the top 10 😉
    ~ Marie xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…Top Ten Posts of all TimesMy Profile

    1. You never know x and you’re welcome

  4. Glad you back blogging – I remember 2 or 3 of the above posts – your writing is always engaging
    May xx
    May More recently posted…The Real Thing 1 ~ Swinging in 69My Profile

    1. Thank you

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