The Punishment

I broke a rule and so a punishment is in order. I don’t know what…

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Cane Me.

I have a few different ways of dealing with stress, I have a tendency to…

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Mental Recharge

Every now and then we all need to recharge our batteries. It may be that…

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erotic photography

Erotic Photography

Erotic Photography is, in my opinion rather difficult to do. I also think there is…

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monogamous couple hug

Feminism and me

When I saw the topic prompt this week I struggled to think what to write….

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1940s Dance

In the mood

“You know, I’ve never told anyone this Claire, but, I loved a woman once. I…

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The Ugly Truth

Everybody lies. There it is, plain and simple. I doubt there is a person alive…

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Sex and BDSM

When our relationship first came to include BDSM, I imagined every single possible moment would…

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Random Posts


To me one of life’s simple pleasures is kissing. I love it when MrH kisses…

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The seven dwarfs

Now I’m not yet fully menopausal, but I’m heading that way. I had a hysterectomy…

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