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Paloqueth Under Bed Restraints – Guest Review

A Guest Review By Purplesole & LittleGem

Paloqueth have been kind and generous in asking me to review their products, and when they sent me the vibrating cock ring I also received a set of under bed restraints. MrH and I already have a set and so I asked PurpleSole and LittleGem if they had any.  When he said not at the moment I asked if he would consider doing a review of these for me.  I was thrilled when they agreed.

Relatively new to the blogging world they have become among my favourite bloggers.  Their writing is real, open and honest.  You can find their blog here.

Paloqueth Under Bed Restraints

PurpleSole and I were so happy to be asked by Sweetgirl to review some gear for her site. We love using new BDSM toys and although we have used an under bed restraint before it was many years ago and had been lost in moving. It was also long before we were in a D/s relationship.


The under bed restraints come in a nice looking box that includes a pouch to store them in, silk blind fold and a feather tickler. I am not a huge fan of blindfolds but putting the black silk up to my face it was slightly translucent so for me would make it a better experience wearing it. Not feeling as confined. The feather tickler although was a bit squashed in the box, with a bit of ‘fluffing up’ regained its shape and would make a nice addition to sensory play along with the blindfold.

Paloqueth Restraints

Setting up

When opening the box I was expecting to see some sort of instructions but there was none, (I do love being told what to do) but realised that it was so simple that they really wouldn’t have been required. We have a standard double bed so had to tighten the straps quite a bit to get it small enough but it fits fine. I think with the amount of excess this would easily fit any other larger mattress size. You lift the mattress and put it under, simple as that. Then attach the cuffs which do look nice and soft although very flexible, they also fasten with velcro. I personally like a thicker leather cuff with a buckle but that’s just my preference. But if you have a spare set lying around you could easily clip any cuff onto the metal loop, as long as your cuff has clips on them.

A lot of our play takes place downstairs, the openness of our living room allows us to participate in all sorts of sexual activities. We do get intimate in bed, however being next to other bedrooms can play on our mind in terms of noise. Nonetheless it was fun to have a new thing to play with in the bedroom.

We have two young children so it was going to be interesting to see if they would notice the cuffs aside the bed since this isn’t something that is quickly brought out and taken away. They pointed them out immediately giving them the once over with their enquiring minds. Luckily they are too young to understand so be warned that if you have it out, it will get noticed.

Once set up restraining is fairly simple, although when littlegem is restrained she still has room to wiggle around.

Restraints and Sex

It had been a few days since we had been intimate with each other after a busy few days. We found ourselves awake early and decided to give the restraints its first real test. Littlegem was on her back and we had sex in a missionary position. That reconnection felt really good and I could feel myself getting more growly, possibly from the control the restraints give but also from the lack of prior play.

Moving my legs outside of hers I thrust deep, her head tilting back. This exposed her vulnerable neck, a desire to hold my hand around her neck taking me. She was helpless as my light grip momentarily blocked blood flow to her head, releasing my grip in good time. In this moment I feel very dominant and littlegem is clearly getting off to the feeling.

Having her legs spread means that there is open access to all areas. If I wished to torment her by bringing her to the edge of climax, then stopping this would be ideal. However if you are the kind of person that likes to change positions then the restraints can break up the flow.

Little Gem in Cuffs

Restraints whilst getting electric

In order to try something different I decided to play with our ElectraStim. Littlegem would have all her limbs cuffed, although this changed to just her legs. She was on her front and wanted to snuggle her cuddly toy Sparkle Floss. An electric dildo was inserted and two electric pads were placed on her bottom. Unable to move, she held onto Sparkle Floss as I turn up the intensity, the restraints holding her legs in place throughout.

I really thought the velcro wouldn’t be able to keep me in place, I felt in a mischievous mood so enjoyed having a struggle to see if I could break free. Kicking my legs around and having a good pull at the restraints I was surprised by them completely holding me. The Paloqueth site does boast that it is strong velcro, with my tests I would agree.

Final thoughts

The under bed restraints were sturdy and for the price I think are great value for anyone looking for simple restraints. We use a lot of restraints in our play so my preference would definitely lie elsewhere i.e, rope or chained leather cuffs. Also although the velcro is strong I could still break free from the cuffs in a couple of different ways, either using my cuffed hand to pull the velcro loose by the strap and/or unclipping the cuff from the loop again with the same cuffed hand. I am quite flexible and very naughty so other subs/ bottoms may be content being restrained in this way. I prefer not being able to get out.

I want to thank Purplesole and Littlegem for doing this review for me, and allowing me to share it on my blog.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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