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Rear View

“Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are,” Meatloaf sang these words and this morning it got me thinking, as you kissed me and got out of the car. You opened the back passenger door to get your bag, wished me a good day and left.

I watched you walk away.

I am filled with longing. I have always liked the view of your backside in jeans and I know when we first me you would put your hands into your jeans pockets to lift your coat so I could see it as I walked behind you with the girls in our class.

You go round the corner and your rear view vanishes so I lift my gaze to your head. My mind wanders to the feel of your stubble on my neck when you kiss and bite me – heat pools in my nether regions.

I have one eye on the traffic lights in front of me, I know they will change soon and I will have to drive away.

You glance to your right and I see your profile briefly as you do. The longing intensifies. I am so happy to be yours. I feel so privileged that you choose to be mine, my Sir, my husband. You step into the road. There is a car behind me.

The lights change, and I, reluctantly put the car into gear, release the handbrake and pull away. I pass you as I turn left onto the road.

I love you Sir, and I miss you already. I glance in my rear view mirror – you are gone.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Miss you too my sweetgirl x

    1. Thank you Sir

  2. Soon to be back.

    1. Yes I just hate being parted from him even for work

  3. I’m not sure needy is the correct word. I do know it’s nice to be wanted.

  4. i can relate to this with Daddy traveling for work so often. But you know what they say- distance makes the heart grow stronger!

  5. So sweet❤

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