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Recommended Reading

This is a resource page, filled with recommended reading, from Blogs to books. I have also shared a number of writing memes that are worth checking out for ideas of things to write about and the online community that I am a part of. At the very bottom there are some links to websites where you can purchase toys and lingerie – they are affiliate links which means I am paid a commission if you use them to purchase things BUT you do not pay anything extra.

Recommended Blogs

Online Community.

The SafeworD/s Club has chat nights on a Sunday and Tuesday at 8pm GMT which are like virtual munches.

Writing Memes.



The Brie Series by Red Phoenix. Available as paperback or kindle editions. There are at least 21 books in the series, although I have only read 8.


The Original BDSM book, The Story of O by Pauline Reage.


The first BDSM books I ever came across were written by Anne Rice, of Interview with a Vampire fame. Originally published under the name A N Roquelaure there are 3 books in the Beauty series. This is book one, with Beauty’s Punishment and Beauty’s Release as 2 and 3 respectively.


Recommended online stores.

The Doxy is one of my favourite toys.  I have had the Classic and now have the Doxy 3.  They are well worth it!

Lovehoney has one of the best selections of sex toys and lingerie and an excellent satisfaction guarantee. It is my go to place to purchase toys and lube.

LOVEHONEY UK if are a new customer you can also take advantage of their 10% discount by entering the code NEWUK1010 at the checkout (valid until 19/11/2020 min spend £10.00).

I don’t have a discount code for LOVEHONEY CA or LOVEHONEY US but these two links will take you to the relevant sites for the country you are in.

BRITISH CONDOMS is a uk site that sells – you guessed it – condoms! practice safe sex, no glove no love… etc.

Hot Octopuss sell a very specific range of toys, not my cup of tea, but many people love them. To visit the UK SITE CLICK HERE or for the US SITE CLICK HERE.

I recommend Kandles by Kitten for wax play, and they can be found HERE on Etsy.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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