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Return of the cane: how pain tolerance changes over time.

In my last post I wrote how our D/s was somewhat diminished by our my present condition, and how our impact play had stopped altogether. Well – I have news! The cane is back.

I think I am going to get the cane out.

Mr H announced this when I asked him what he wanted to do yesterday (Sunday) while our son was at work. I expected him to say rope work as he has been practicing a hand/arm tie that ML Slave Puppet had showcased on her rope work meme Tie Me Up Tuesday.

I was surprised and nervous. We haven’t had the cane out in months. There is a part of my bottom right at the top of my leg /bottom of my bottom (LOL) that has lost sensation. It’s like it’s asleep. I can feel touch but not the same and that goes for pain too. I feel the impact but not the pain. I guess some people would think that’s a bonus, but for me I see it as potentially dangerous.

Where was I?

The Cane.

In the past I have found the cane to be useful in helping me relax and it has temporarily provided some pain relief. Unfortunately with this most recent flare up, it was not the case and so the cane was put away. How now would I feel? Would I have to stop play? Would Mr H be disappointed?


The Bed set up I got comfortable – well as comfortable as I get – and Mr H reminded me that he expected me to tell him if I became uncomfortable, or if I wanted to stop.

Then He began.

The strangest thing.

It was not like our canings of old. I was sensitive to the blows, I had built up some tolerance I suppose and now that has diminished. Quite a few times I squirmed and gasped. Mr H asked a lot of questions, how did it feel, could I feel, and I told him when he found the points where the feeling is reduced. He struck my thighs a few times too and that was odd. As he hasn’t really caned my legs in the past I have no point of reference to know if I was able to feel properly, but as the number built I could feel the sting increase too.

I am not sure how many times he hit, or how long we played. Not long at all really but it was enough.

Not so long ago Mr H would strike me 200 times (and no not as hard as possible) in a session – I doubt I could take 50 now. Our bodies are good at building a tolerance for pain, and as such over time more is needed to reach the same place where subspace occurs. I am sure that in time I will be able to take more again.

We needed it.

It was so nice to do something ‘normal’ well normal for us lol. And, last week we had more news from the consultant which was upsetting. I won’t dwell but he has decided I am not a surgical candidate and seems to want us off his books. We are pursuing a complaint, and I will update you in time.

I think that we needed it, something to connect us to our D/s and remind us we can still live, albeit with restrictions and adjustments to the way we do it. I certainly feel a little lifted – I mean here I am writing! I don’t think play was long enough to trigger a sub drop although I did feel a little spaced out afterwards.

Being Part of the Community.

Whenever I write I have a look at the memes running to see if my topic fits. It is my way of continuing to support the writing community. The 4 Thoughts topic, “Lest We Forget” had ended, but the WW topic “Trust” and Tell Me About “Impact play”, were still open and I decided to link up to both. You may be wondering how I can link to WW topic trust? How is that relevant to this post? It’s simple really. Trust makes what we do possible.

The images below are from past impact sessions.

Please do all stay safe during these difficult and frightening times. Wear your masks, observe social distancing, and be kind to one another.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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24 thoughts on “Return of the cane: how pain tolerance changes over time.”

  1. Hi you guys
    Well it’s a start here’s hoping you regain some sensation in your “numb” areas!…
    The cane isn’t a tool to be taken lightly and the risk of damage is easy in the wrong hands! !
    So take it easy and play nice
    Best wishes and stay safe and well

    1. Mr H is very careful but it was nice to have a little glimpse of our kinky selves.

      The feeling may never return, so I think Mr H will have to learn to avoid it.

      Stay safe and thank you for your comment

  2. I am so happy to read you’ve had some kinky play again. So good! I guess it’s just a case of finding what works for you with the limitations you have, and I do hope you find more ways. This post put a smile on my face 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Me too, we have started the complaint process with the hospital now, its been over a month and the consultant has not replied to our letter/email, other than to now tell me I am not a surgical candidate.

  3. When you say consultant are you meaning doctor or surgeon? The lingo over there is different than here. I’m glad you had some play, but am upset that you are no longer a surgical candidate. Still hoping you finally get some relief from this pain.

    1. Over here a consultant is a surgeon that has finished training. We are still trying to get answers and a second opinion, it’s just going to be a fight that we didn’t want to have.

      Take care

  4. It is great to hear that you felt up to trying this again and I am glad that it connected you not only both to each other, but also you to your other self and you to us. We have all missed you and so it is nice to read your posts again. I know what you mean about tolerances changing if there has been a break and that is without the added difficulties of dealing with immense pain during regular life so I can only imagine the effects with what you are dealing with. Hopefully this is something that you will be able to try again. Take care. missy xxx
    missy recently posted…Impact Play – beyond spankingMy Profile

  5. Did a see a freshly canned bum pic in this post?? Yes I did and what a welcome sight for sure. Really pleased you found a window of opportunity to take advantage of the time. Sounds like you a blast!

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