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Rope apparel

What do you wear for a party when you are into kinky things like rope bondage? When we went to our first BDSM event TAT2 I wore fishnets and black (I have included an image in the slideshow) and Mr H wore a black shirt and trousers. I felt very sexy and I was pleased with how the outfit turned out. We do go to munches when we can, and Mr H liked the idea of me having some rope work under my top which he wanted to be on display. This meant purchasing a sheer top. 🙂

The rope work.

Mr H picked my black bra, and I put it on. MrH added my play collar and selected his red rope, he wanted the red to show through the top. I stood while he wove the ropes around my chest into this pattern, and I pulled on the top. Mr H took this photo and I loved the result. I have not yet worn this for a munch but I am sure at some point I will wear something like it.

Tie Me Up Tuesday.

Marie Louise’s meme Tie Me Up Tuesday is doing really well, and I am enjoying being able to take part. To see more posts inspired by the topic ‘What to wear for a party’ click HERE.

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12 thoughts on “Rope apparel”

  1. Ah sweet that is beautiful! I have been wondering about my outfit, which I have yet to do today and was also thinking perhaps, rope underneath with a sheer top. You and Mr H’s choice of outfit in combination with the rope is perfect. The red works so well with the black and that dress! I think you’ll be turning many heads when you do wear this to a munch. I really like the addition of the fishnets and your hair looks beautiful also. I need to learn how to do something like this!

  2. I love wearing rope.under my outfits. It’s like a kinky secret 🙂
    Bery nice outfit. I hope you get the opportunity to show stop soon 🙂

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