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Spank Me Hard

In my last post  Rescue Me I said I had wanted to ask Mr H to spank me 10 times as hard as he could but I chickened out.  Of course putting it in my post meant I could bring it up for discussion, without saying it out loud (a tactic I use when I am particularly embarrassed or ashamed of my requests).

When we did discuss it, Mr H responded that he just wasn’t sure.

Then later, after his bath, he asked “So, you want me to smack you 5 times as hard as I can?”

I frowned, “I said 10.”

He replied, “well I am saying 5, it’s a compromise.”

I didn’t tell Mr H, but I got wet.  I mean the fact he was willing to try something so out there (for us) was/is a turn on.  I’m turned on now thinking about it.  I just said “yes.”

He asked me how I envisioned this taking place and I said I thought it would work best with me bent over the bed, and bare bottomed so he could see any redness.  He removed his wedding ring.

Spank Me Hard!

I felt giddy and nervous and excited.  He was really going to do it.  As I removed the bottom half of my clothes, and bent over the bed I asked if this was ok, if he had enough room.  I could tell he was hesitant, and wanted to get on with it before he changed his mind.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked again.

“Yes,” I said, “I will safeword if I change my mind.”


I swear the smack sounded like a gunshot.  It was so loud my ears were ringing.  The impact took my breath away and white lights flashed in my eyes. I zoned out.  I could hear MrH asking if I was ok, pain and pleasure were mingled.  If he had fingered me I would have been so wet.  I didn’t know what I was feeling.  Yes, it hurt.  I definitely liked it.  If he had done it again, straight away on the same cheek, I probably would have cried out.

The fact that this had turned me on, made me feel, embarrassed and dirty, and that turned me on more.

MrH was still asking if I was ok, and if I wanted to continue.  He was on my left side now, he had moved, and I knew he would hit the other cheek with the next blow.

I managed to say “yes.”

The second smack landed.  Not as loud or as hard as the first but still it took my breath away.

Mr H called a stop, saying that it was so loud he was worried people would be able to hear and might call the police.

I moved onto the bed, to snuggle down.  Those two smacks had sent my head into subspace. Mr H did take some pictures, and the first smack to my right cheek, that was delivered with his dominant left hand, had popped a blood vessel.

You can see here the hand print from the blow and where the blood vessel has popped at the base of his thumb.

He monitored that throughout the evening, he was worried it would get bigger.

The smack with his right hand, left another delightful print for several hours.

It was gone this morning, but the welt from the left hand remains…

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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12 thoughts on “Spank Me Hard”

  1. Beautiful handprints! Nice to hear that you have figured out a compromise, tried what you wanted, apparently enjoyed it quite a bit, and have some lasting memory of what transpired 🙂

  2. I’m with you on this one, sister. I just recently starting asking for spankings, and they definitely turn me on, though I am usually too embarrassed to ask for them.

    I also do what you do, embedding my desires in blog posts because I know he will read them.

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