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Stress Head

I think there are times in my life where I could definitely have been described as being a stress head. I would worry about everything and anything. Usually things I had no control over or were not my problems in the first place.

Over the years MrH has retrained me and I have, in many cases, stopped.  I no longer worry if someone I know can make it to their appointments. Unless they ask me for help I now assume they have it under control.

I am no longer afraid or ashamed to say “no”. If I don’t want to go to a lunch or a party I say no. I’m not rude I just say no. If I’m asked for a reason why I say “because I don’t want to.”  I do, however, stress at work.

I’m the office manager and I’m responsible for managing all the administrative tasks and accounting functions of two businesses. There has been a recent reshuffle of where my girls are located (they have moved my office junior into a different building so she can act as their receptionist) and this has created logistical nightmares.

I’ve had to quickly organise the:

  • removal of junk from the reception area she was going to occupy.
  • Relocation of suitable reception furniture.
  • Arranging that her pc be set up to connect to both our network and theirs.
  • Setting up her desk phone.
  • Arranging sanitary bins for the loo in the second building
  • Getting her settled into her new home…

It’s been hard on her and the team. Supporting her and managing the change has been difficult.  Our phones are busy and now we have one less person to answer them.  As a result my assistant and myself feel like we’re running on a hamster wheel (getting nowhere fast). Tonight is the fifth night in 8 working days that I have come home and just wanted to crawl into a dark room because my head is banging.

Please let things settle down soon before I have a meltdown…..

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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