mermaid tie

The Little Mermaid.

The Disney film The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favourites and I believe they are planning to release a live action version of it, as they have done with Beauty and the Beast, Aladin, and Cinderella. I have enjoyed each of these adaptations and I will watch the Little Mermaid to see if they have done it justice. This week the Tie Me Up tie is the mermaid tie, and I asked Mr H if we could do it as I thought I would be able to be laid down.

The Soundtrack.

One of the most memoriable things about the film is the soundtrack. ‘Under The Sea’, and ‘Kiss The Girl’ are my two favourites. The rope tie for Tie Me Up Tuesday this time is the mermaid tie, and Mr H agreed to do this to take pictures. The thing is, I can’t think mermaids without humming along to Sebastian and I have included the clip below for your entertainment.

The Mermaid Tie.

But you are not here to listen to tales of how I like fairytales! You want to see how the rope tie worked out. I think it worked really well. I certainly enjoyed being bound and the fun that followed was decadently debaucherous…. I know I am such a terrible tease!

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


  • mermaid tie

This post was inspired by Tie Me Up Tuesday, Mermaid Tie. Click HERE to see more posts inspired by the prompt. I have also linked it to the Fun Theme Photo Meme prompt, and if you click HERE you will see more posts linked.

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  1. Actually Sweet, I really like that you shared your fondness for fairy tales and the little mermaid in particular. Makes me happy and smile! I can imagine you lying there as he ties you up, rocking along to ‘under the sea’!

    This reminds me of one night that I was driving back home with my football team and our coach who was driving had put the music all the way up and was choosing all Disney songs including Under the Sea and was singing along like she owned the stage! Sorry I trailed off there.

    OMG SWEET You can’t just tell us about the fun that followed but not tell us about the fun that followed! 😛 Yes you tease!

    I love your edits. Though first of all, the rope work looks so good, also in combination with the fishnets (or are they patterned tights? lol, I’m stupid, sorry)
    I really like how your edits make us focus on your legs and the tie but also make it seem like it could be a tail because your feet disappear and the colour edits also give it something rather magical!

    1. Thank you so much xx

      Yes I know I am such a tease LOL but the position I was in during the fun I was flopping about like a flounder out of water, very unsexy I’m sure but damn satisfying LOL

      I’m glad you liked the edits too x

      Take care,

      Sweet x

    2. I meant to say, they are fishnets with a pattern to them … and tights so….. ticking all the boxes lol

  2. Lovely tie sweet, it looks really beautiful, and as I think you might know The Little Mermaid has had an influence on our life too.

    1. I imagine so lol

  3. The fishnets are a nice touch. They make the rope work that much more sexy!

    1. Yes and saves my legs looking quite so awful!

  4. This is a deceptive photo at first glance. Nice rope work.

  5. Alethea Hunt says:

    I love the spacing and that you have your full leg length in the tie. Beautifully done 🙂

    1. Thank you

  6. Posy Churchgate says:

    Wonderful rope skills and I adore how it turns your legs into a tail. I too am admiring the tights with a fishnet theme – they tick the boxes for me. Lovely share – thanks Sweet.

    1. Thank you

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