Kinky Hotel Fun 10 July 19

We stayed at a hotel on Tuesday night, which I may have mentioned in my earlier posts, so we could go to the munch without having to drive home afterwards, and because it was MrH birthday on the Wednesday..

Hotel fuckery

As a rule that means we get to have some seriously uninhibited play because we don’t have to worry about our son hearing us. I don’t just mean those noises you make when you’re enjoying yourself, I also mean the sound of MrH’s hand spanking my bottom.

MrH arrived home first and he had packed a bag with some toys and rope. He had clothes out for himself and once I got home I changed and packed some clothes for the following day. We headed off to the hotel and arrived at 20 to 7. The munch starts at half 7 so we opted to eat as soon as we had put out bags in the room, and we were sat in the restaurant at ten to 7.

We ate and then went to the munch. I’ve already done a post about the events while we were there and if you haven’t read it you can Click this link.

We left at ten thinking we would eat back to the hotel and play.

And then

MrH got undressed and I went to the loo. I came out dressed only in my underwear and MrH did my collar. After which, feeling a bit giddy, I was cheeky. “What was that?” He asked.

MrH grabbed me and told me to bend over the bed. He pulled my panties down and spanked me. He wasn’t gentle either. By the 4th spank I had begun to drift.

When he had delivered the spanks he wanted to he stood me up. He removed my bra and panties and spread my legs a little. Feeling between my legs he commented that I was nice and wet. He asked “did I enjoy the spanking” and I answered yes. He replied that clearly he hadn’t spanked me hard enough then.

Dom Rod

MrH took my hand and placed it on his cock, which was hard. He’d clearly enjoyed pulling down my panties, spanking me, and the fingering. He pushed me back over the bed and replaced his finger with his cock. He fucked me from behind, my breasts being caressed by the bed under me as I moved with each thrust.

I didn’t cum but he did and I enjoyed being used. I always enjoy being used and I love spankings like that as the endorphin high is awesome.

I love it too when MrH shows me that he’s turned on by our play.. especially the Dominance and discipline side.

Back down to earth

Of course the high is always followed by the low and today that’s settling over me. I can tell because I feel spaced out.

Yesterday evening, we would normally do our chat night followed by a cane session, but MrH was really tired and we didn’t. I mean with the best will in the world sometimes life gets in the way.

I am hoping MrH decides to do the chat and cane tonight and or maybe he will get some toys out and let me have an orgasm or two.

The munch we attend is held at a local club called The Town House.

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