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You make me

When I saw the prompt for Wicked Wednesday I knew exactly what to write in order to answer the question, “who helps you to be the better version of yourself, only because they are in your life? Who strengthens you, motivates you, supports you, knows you like no one else?” The answer for me is quite simple, Mr H. He makes me. From the moment he came into my life in 1995 he changed my world. I fell head over heels in love although it took me over 12 months to admit it to myself, or him. we were married in 1999. From the moment we met, he made my life better.

I am because we are.

Our relationship has made me stronger, I have written a few times about how he is my world, my universe. Throughout our challenges, past and present, he is a rock. He strengthens me and he does so just because I know he loves me. There are times when I am overcome with doubts and fears, but these stem from a knowledge that I know my life is made so much better for his presence. He is steadfast and unwavering in his love, and that gives me strength and comfort. When I most recently expressed these fears he responded with such fierceness I felt grounded in a way I haven’t in a long time. He knew exactly what I needed.

Life is better together.

He will say that he feels the same way about me, that I make him a stronger too. We strengthen each other, and that I think is important. We recently visited the doctors and she expressed how the things we are enduring can make couples argue, and in her own way, she was asking if we were ok. It was nice to be able to say we do not argue, or get cross with each other because we don’t. We are better because we are together. I am better because we are one.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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