Erotic Fiction

Captains Prize (part 12)

He watched her leave, the sway of her hips as she walked was hypnotic. A movement caught his attention as she disappeared from view, Smithy was headed in his direction.

With an energy that belied his age Smithy sprang up the steps and sat in the chair that Martha had just vacated.

“So,” he said grinning at the captain. “You took my advice.”

The Captain scowled at him.

“Now don’t go taking on,” he waved his hand in the Captains direction. “You and I both know you’re fascinated by her. She’s resilient and curious. And, she’s fair to look at too.”

“That’s as maybe, Smithy” he responded. “But there’s no saying she will be what I need. You and I have the same tastes and it isn’t easy to find that satisfaction outside a whore house. And that holds little appeal for me. I want an untouched body to please me. I’ve seen the disease that whoring begets. It isn’t desirable for man or woman. “

“You think it was luck what brought me and Aggie together?” Smithy asked. “T’was desire James. She likes it as much as I and as long as you build that trust and love with Martha, I’m tellin’ ya she will not turn away from your desires.” He leaned towards the captain, “trust me, she will love you in time. I see the desire in her when she looks at ya’ she just doesn’t understand wha’ she’s feeling. Aggie will help her understand when we get home.”

“I hope so Smithy,” he said. “I hope so.”

“Well, I best go help the lad with this crib. He wants so badly to impress our Beth, but the babe will have no bed at all if he doesn’t accept help,” Smithy was shaking his head, “there’s the crib we used for all our babes but Beth wants something new.”

The Captain smiled at him, “you and I both know that you’d do anything for your Beth, you spoil her,” he raised an eyebrow daring Smithy to disagree. “And you’re as excited as anyone to be a grandpa. I’ll help with the crib, it will be good to do something with my hands while Martha rests.”

“We’d be glad to have the help,” he replied, “and it will be good practice for when Martha gives
you a babe…”

Leaving that thought in the air Smithy got out of the chair and patting the captain on the shoulder as he passed him, he left him alone.

A babe, the Captains could clearly see it. Martha sat in a chair, body filled out with his child. Her breasts heavy with milk. Her face glowing as she imagined holding the babe. Her small hands stroking her pregnant belly. He felt his sex twitch in response. She would be even more beautiful swollen with his child.

Abruptly the captain got up, he needed something to distract him. Carpentry was just the thing. He strode purposefully to the main deck where Smithy and Joseph were working.

“What can I do?” He asked as he sat down.

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