A good fuck

“You do that so well,” he said.  He was reclined on the bed, eyes half closed watching as she took his cock into her mouth over and over.

“I want to cum inside you tonight,” he said.  “Are you wet?” He reached down and pushed his fingers between her thighs.  “Excellent always ready for Sir aren’t you? Sit on my cock and let me see you.”

She moved obediently straddling his hips.  She guided his cock into her wet pussy, sinking onto it with a sigh.

“You like that?” He asked

She nodded shyly, looking uncomfortable and uncertain.

“Use your words,” he commanded.

“Yes Sir.”

“So did I – do it again.”

His hands moved up her body to her breasts. He squeezed her nipples tightly and she gasped again.

“That’s a good girl, feel me in you, give me your tits I want them where I can bite them.”

She leaned forward and he took her nipple into his mouth, and after teasing with this tongue he nipped with his teeth.  She moaned with pleasure.

His hands had travelled to her hips and he ground her onto his cock his pelvis tilted up to meet her movements.   He noticed the change in her breathing.

“Oh no my sweet you mustn’t cum yet- you haven’t asked permission.” He reminded her of her agreement.  Her orgasms were his to give or deny.

“Please Sir?” She gasped

A wicked grin covered his face as he considered how long he could drag it out.

“Not yet, keep going I am enjoying it.”

He moved to the other breast and with his tongue he circled her nipple.  He heard her moan.   As he sucked.  He could tell she was trying very hard not to cum.  Her whole body was tensed as she continued to move on his cock.

“Look at me” he said.  She opened her eyes and looked at him.  “Cum for me.”

“Thank you,” she whispered, as her body relaxed and a few movements later he felt her body contracting around him.

When she relaxed, the orgasm over, he said sharply “Now its my turn, stand up there and bend over.” He pointed at the side of the bed.  She climbed off and did as she was told.  She put her hands on the floor, opening herself to him as he had asked her to do.   He stood and deciding suddenly that her ass looked most inviting, put on a condom and a glove.  He applied loads of lube over his cock knowing he wouldn’t last long and then put some onto her ass.

She squirmed as the cold lube touched her and he pushed his finger gently into the hole, just opening it up.

He put the tip of his cock on the edge of her ass….

“Let me in… like a good girl…” he pushed into her tight ass “oh that’s good… very good”.

He was all the way in and close to release.  He pulled out, damn it felt good,  he moved in and out firmly, his climax building, suddenly she cried out “Please Sir?”

“Yes you may” he said as his own orgasm pulsed through him he felt her own ripple through her body.  He grunted in satisfaction.

That was a good fuck.

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  1. Hot with one great pic!! Revealing without revealing identities—and oh so delicious!!

    1. Thanks

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