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New Year – Sex with a stranger

Happy New Year, Happy New Year, May we all… The ABBA song is playing loudly and several people are singing, if you can call the sounds they are making in their drunken states singing, along.  Midnight has just sounded and the fireworks are sounding out all around the neighbourhood. Jenny slid into the bedroom and closed the door, she just needed a minute, one moment alone, to cry.  Dave was here.  They hadn’t told her, her so called friends, they hadn’t warned her that her ex and his new thing would be here.  So, she needed a minute.

Just one minute…

She sat on the edge of the bed and putting her head in her hands she took a deep, deep breath.  As she breathed out the tears began to flow,  When a hand touched her back, she jumped.

“Oh, sorry,” she mumbled through the tears, “I didn’t know anyone- I will go, sorry”

“Shhhhh”  The hand grabbed hers as she tried to stand, pulling her back to the bed.  “It’s ok. Stay, sometimes you just need a minute” the voice was low and deep.  Soothing, not one she recognised, but there were a lot of people at this party she didn’t know.  Jenny didn’t know why but she felt safe and she stayed, sinking back onto the bed, she lay down and a pair of strong arms wrapped around her..

He held her hand as she cried herself out, his thumb rubbed the back of her hand, a slow steady gentle touch.  Listening to his even calm breathing, she relaxed further.  Jenny rolled onto her back and turned her had so she could look in his direction.  she could see very little in the dark of the room, a slight outline of his nose and she wanted to touch him.  Tentatively she reached out towards him, her hand was only inches away from him when he spoke again.

“You should ask permission before you touch”

His voice held a teasing note.

“Can I touch you?” Jenny whispered.

“Yes.” His answer was simple and although her hand was unsteady she reached out the remaining inches and touched his chest.  His skin was warm, smooth, firm.   “May I touch you?” he asked.

“Yes,” Jenny replied, she felt him move on the bed, wondering where he would touch her, she held her breath.

“HONK” he said loudly as he pinched her nose. Jenny burst into uncontrollable giggles, slapping his chest playfully.  “Well, that’s better,” he said, “you should laugh more.  It’s a new year, you know.”  His hand stroked the side of her face, brushing her hair back behind her ear.

Jenny could feel his breath as he spoke, and when he kissed the side of her jaw she held her breath.  “Do you mind if i kiss you?” he whispered.  “I’d very much like to kiss you, and to touch you.”


“Oh, yes, I’d like to remove your clothes, piece by piece, and kiss every part of you.  Do I have your consent?” He asked.

He sounded so formal and yet as he spoke she knew without a doubt that it was all she wanted, her arousal was soaking her panties and she had to clear her throat to answer


His lips found hers and she met his passionate kiss with a passion of her own.  Her lips parted under his and as his tongue invaded her mouth, his hand moved to pull the zip on the front of her dress, all the way down, and Jenny sent a silent thanks to her best friend for making her buy the new lingerie yesterday.

The sound of his appreciative exhale as his fingers pushed the dress aside, his hands stroking the lace fabric of the bra, made the expense worthwhile.  His hand slipped under the fabric to cup her breast, his thumb brushed her nipple, and it reacted stiffening.  Her pussy reacted getting wet too.  His hands felt so nice, sure not hesitant, and she imagined him touching her clit with the same confidence.  A low moan escaped her lips.  Once again he seemed to read her mind, “not yet he breathed, there’s no rush.”  He kissed her again, this time he moved from her lips, along her jaw, to her neck; alternatively kissing and nipping as he went.

“Happy New Year to Me”

Jenny thought.  Her breathing quickened, and her back arched, pushing her breasts up to him.  His hand pushed the bra aside and his mouth found her nipple, tugging and biting.  Jenny’s breath hissed out through her teeth.  Her own hands were on his shoulders, and she was flexing her fingers.  She wanted those lips, that mouth on her pussy.  Never had she felt so sure, so aroused.  His hand moved down over her soft stomach, she never had lost the 30 lbs she planned to last year, but he didn’t seem put off by her curves.  He slipped his fingers under the band of her panties, letting go of her nipple he moved so he could pull her panties down. She helped him lifting her hips off the bed.

He groaned,

“Is this still ok?” he asked.  Jenny responded by reaching out for his hand.

“I have no condoms,” she said.  “Do you?”

“We don’t need them,” he answered, “this is about you.”

He moved down the bed, and his mouth found her sensitive swollen nib.  As Jenny’s eyes fluttered closed she heard him moan against her, as he slipped a finger into her already wet core. He found her rhythm, his mouth, tongue and fingers worked in harmony,  slowly the tension built in her body.  Each touch pushed her closer, and closer. and closer.  Jenny had never had a lover who knew her body this well, and her breathing hitched, as she felt her climax build.  His groan against her pushed her over the edge and her body unraveled around him.

“Happy New Year,” he said quietly.

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