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TMI 31st December 2019

When I saw the questions for TMI 31st December 2019, I thought I would take part because I do not plan to actually make any New Year Resolution or make any big plans for 2020.  Every year we have made plans they have fallen flat, and I do not want any more disappointments.

In 2019 did you?

1. Get a new job? I did, I now work part time.
2. Get a new haircut? I did, I changed my hair colour back to blonde and I have also had to have a couple of inches taken off because it was too damaged from all the colouring.
3. Get a new car? We got a new car in February.
4. Move? MrH and I have no plans to move house unless we win the lottery.
5. Get a new romantic partner? No. This is something I hope I can say every single year, I don’t ever want to have to find a new one.
6. Have a kid? MrH and I are past the child having stage, especially as I have had a hysterectomy!
7. Take up a new hobby? Nope.

In 2020, will you?

1. Get a new job? I hope not.  I am enjoying what I do now and I hope very much that I do not need to look for another job, ever again.
2. Get a new car? Again, I hope not.  We can’t afford to, although when we do change our car again, we will buy an automatic because at the moment I am struggling to drive because of the clutch.
3. Take a risk? The only risk I plan to take this year is surgical.  Any surgery has risks.  I am hoping to have surgery on my spine which will not be without risk.

Bonus: What will be important to you in 2020, that wasn’t important in 2019?  Hmmm, nothing.  My focus will always be on our relationship, making sure our needs are being met, and that MrH is happy.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Happy new year dear, have a fantastic 2020

    1. Happy New Year to You too 🙂

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