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Shadow of you.

She slipped silently into the room, careful not to wake him. He slept soundly, on his side of the bed, and she carefully slid between the covers.

He shivered slightly and pulled the covers back over his shoulder where they had slipped down as she had got in, but he didn’t wake.

She put her head on the soft pillows and closed her eyes listening to his deep even breathing. Did he know how much she loved him?

The night passed, and as the sun started to rise, he rolled onto his back. She slid under the covers, his cock swollen slightly. She gently took him into her mouth. He sighed.

She continued to worship his body, he hardened, moaned and whispered her name, but slept on. She smiled around his cock, he dreamed of her.

Feeling a sudden need to have him inside her she straddled him, sinking his cock deep into her. She rode him hard, and as she climaxed, his own orgasm took him.

His eyes flickered open. In that brief moment, as happened everyday, he thought he saw her, smiling down at him. But the moment passed as he felt he wetness on his body. Damn he had had another wet dream.

He shook his head as he got up, ashamed. He still couldn’t sleep on her side of the bed. The pillows were crisp, untouched. As he left the room he thought he saw a shape in the shadows but knew it was wishful thinking. She was gone. He had to move on, to let her go.

As she watched him leave, sadness filled her. She would wait until he returned to her tonight, they had always said their love would survive death, and she didn’t plan to let him down.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


21 thoughts on “Shadow of you.”

  1. This is captivating Sweet -and the photo works so well – I love it all as a whole

    The story reminds me slightly of one I wrote a while back called – Scattered Lilies…
    I am not sure if u usually write fiction but will check your blog as I very much enjoyed this x

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