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The guide to me

I placed the letter into the envelope on the side of his bed. He had told me to write him a list of instructions, a step by step guide to a fantasy we had yet to try, so it had to contain something new… I hoped I had succeeded.

I had tried to be creative and rather than keep repeating the instruction “I want you to” I had simply placed a dot dot dot in front of each instruction. I hoped he would understand.

Several hours later he appeared in the kitchen, note in hand and said “Let’s get started, there’s a lot to get through before bedtime.”

And he worked diligently down the list, added a few things here and there, but not missing a single step.

I want you to…..

…Take my wrists in your hand, the way you can because your hands are so big.

…Hold me so I can’t get away no matter how much I wriggle.

…Take your rope and tie my hands at the wrists leaving a long end so you can move me to whatever position you want and secure me there.

…Tell me that tonight, there are no safewords. You will keep me safe. You want to push the limits.

…Take your knife and cut my clothes off, piece by piece.

…Use a silk Bondage tie to gag me so I can’t make too much noise.

…Take the nipple clamps and secure them on my nipples.

…Put the pillows on the bed making a soft mound that you can use to support my body and cover it with a mat.

…Pull on the nipple clamps so I moan.

…Kiss me while you insert a finger into my pussy.

…Tell me what you discover. Am I wet? Does that please you?

…Lay me out on the bed placing my hands above me.

…Tell me how I look to you. What turns you on?

…Use the rope to secure me in such a way that I can’t move my hands towards my body.

…Use the wand on me until I cum for as long as you decide.

…Untie my hands from their securing point and stand me up so you can remove the nipple clamps.

…Remove the gag.

…Place the wand in my hands positioned on my clit.

…Tie the rope around me so I can’t move my hands away and you have a loop on my back to hold.

…Turn the wand back on. High.

…Bend me over face down onto the pillows hands underneath my tummy holding the wand in place.

…Make me confirm that the wand is in the right place.

…Cover the glass dildo in lube and my butt.

…Tell me what you’re going to next.

…Make me ask you to put the dildo into my butt.

…Insert the glass dildo into my butt.

…Take the cane and cane me.

…Tell me what you see that pleases you. What do you like? The marks from the cane? The sounds I’m making?

…Put your cock into my pussy and fuck me.

…Fuck me with your cock and the dildo.

…Fuck me until you cum.

…Tell me how much fun you had.

…Tell me when you’re going to remove the dildo.

…Move me so you can force one more orgasm from me before turning off the wand.

…Take me into your arms and hold me close.

…Kiss me gently and tell me you love me.

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