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Today’s the day!!!!

It’s here…. our day and night…. Last night MrH started the weekend off by restraining me to the bed with silk ties round my ankles, spreading my legs wide; and tying my hands together above my head, to the headboard.


He then stroked me and dragged his nails over my arms from wrist to shoulder and ankle to groin. By this point I was on fire, my whole body begging for the next touch.

He brought me to orgasm, then held my face while he thrust his cock into my mouth repeatedly. He didn’t cum though, not yet. I could taste his pre-cum, and I knew he was enjoying himself.

I lost count of the orgasms MrH gave me last night, I drifted into subspace and was lost to the realm of thought for a while. MrH brought me back by biting my inner thigh. He finally asked if I was ready for his cum (naturally I begged for it) and he untied my legs and thrust his cock hard into my pussy which triggered my final orgasm. He held me there for a while then continued to thrust until he moaned with his orgasm.

MrH held me while I came back to the world and I thanked him several times for his attention.

Anyway it’s now Saturday, and we have to take the car for it’s MOT. MrH is letting me keep my night collar on during the weekend. My next post may not be until Sunday night ….. because let’s face it …. I’m going to be occupied during the day! To remind yourself what Mr H has planned click HERE.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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