I’m in heaven…..Seriously. We got home 6 hours ago (it’s now 16:15) and I’m still floating on a high. The crash will not be pretty. But right now. Damn! I feel spectacular…..

The day started well, MrH allowed me to suck his cock, then he used my pussy and gave me his cum. So, really I should have said, the day started very well!

Then at 12 we left to complete a few errands before we headed to the hotel. We bought some sandwiches to eat between play sessions. Walked round B&Q, Hobbycraft and PC World to kill some time. Then at 2pm we headed to the hotel.

From the moment we checked in MrH took control. We unpacked. He organised the room as he wanted, placed mats on the bed, and bent me over so he could insert the butt plug.

He used HisLordship’s gift “the squealer” and that sent me into the subspace district. I didn’t really leave for long during the rest of the day.

(So I don’t forget- thank you HisLordship 😊 I am sure it will be a regularly used toy. )

I was restrained using the under bed restraints, and MrH set to playing with his toy (me).

My clit was licked and stroked, my pussy was filled with MrH’s clone and thoroughly fucked. Sir used his wand and hands and I was allowed to suck Sirs cock while I came over and over.

When Sir decided I needed a rest he stopped and made me a hot sweet drink and had me eat a cake and some biscuits. Then I was given a treat. Sir allowed me to have his cum in my mouth.

He tied me up and later he flogged me with some rope floggers he made.

The surprise gift was a beautiful body suit. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit but he chose a beautiful item.

I did forget to pack Sirs cane and the flogger. But he improvised well.

This morning I asked MrH for an over the knee spanking and if he would then ….. well in the interests of honesty I didn’t quite manage to say “take me up the arse” but MrH did put me out of my misery and he said it for me – while using the wand.

And so, he did. Again I don’t recall how many times I came, but when I could no longer hold the wand, MrH pulled me to him and held me.

So as I said…. I’m in heaven…. right now the last 36 hours have been amazing and it’s definitely the best birthday I’ve ever had.

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  1. David says:

    The squealer?! Sounds like a fun time was had by you both x

    1. Yes it was!

  2. You took the Squealer! I hope it lived up to its name! I managed to use the Howler during our mid-week break. It still packs a punch! Happy belated birthday.

  3. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

    1. Yes I am Cincy34 I hope I never ever take him for granted ☺️☺️

  4. Happy birthday Sweetgirl! I’m so glad it was amazing.

  5. Happy belated birthday! X

    1. Thank you

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  8. […] After play I think I act a bit like a cat, or at least that’s how I feel it. I stretch and languish. I bask. I feel like I purr contentedly. […]

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