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Blogging from A2Z 2019: Yellow

This is the word I use to caution Mr H. It tells him that I am nearing the limit of my tolerance, that I need him to take things slower, pause, or check in with me. This word doesn’t stop play.  This word prompts him to assess my body language, to verbally check in.

I use this word when we play with the cane if the pain is getting too much, and he will rub my bottom for a few moments before checking I am happy to continue.  I would use this word if I needed to change position.

I remember reading a blog post once where the writer said they used red when they probably should have used yellow, that in hindsight they hadn’t needed to stop play, they had just needed a moment, and that has stuck with me. So I always think, red is for those moments where I need to stop absolutely and immediately. I called red I think once the first time we did forced orgasms. I couldn’t catch my breath and I think I did faint after I called red. Probably Oscar worthy as I gasped out “red” before blacking out, but in fairness to Mr H and before anyone says he should have noticed he asked me many times (and does during a forced orgasm session) did I want to stop. He also now reminds me to breathe!

The communication of where those limits are during impact play, by using yellow allows Mr H to pause, let me relax and settle, before continuing. That pause can be enough for the limit to shift, the endorphins to kick in, and when play resumes we can go a little further.

Yellow roses are traditionally given to symbolise friendship and joy. I chose yellow and white roses to have in my bouquet when we married, because friendship is the foundation that we chose to build our lives together on.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


Blogging from A to Z – Yellow

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  1. Friendship is the strongest basis for a long-term personal relationship of any sort, I think. But especially for life partners. 🙂

    I’ve mostly avoided using words others are doing during the A-to-Z, but not this time! My ‘Y’ word is Yellow too. (Though used quite differently.) 😉

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