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Erotic Journal Challenge

Being Mindful

I practice being mindful often, and have done for years.  It is something that you are encouraged to do during counselling after a breakdown, to not focus on the past, and to be present in the moment.  It does take a lot of practice and I am not perfect at it, in fact most of the time I suck at it. How I practice being mindful. Everyday I try to take a few moments to close my eyes, and breathe.  It is the only thing I think about for those few moments, breathing. I breath in deeply, expanding my belly,

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Old school

Pressing the vibrator against her needy sex, she allowed her eyes to close and her head relaxed against the pillows.  She needed to come, the oral attention she had shown him this morning had left her horny and tense.  Even though their play had ended with him fucking her, hard, she hadn’t climaxed, and that was ok. She loved being used, it formed part of their dynamic, but the last few play times she had experienced some intense but superficial orgasms, the kind that flashed and passed quickly.  She wanted the kind that only comes from g-spot and clitoral stimulation,

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I want it that way

The prompt for the 28th Erotic Journal Challenge is about sexual positions, what’s your most and least favourite? There have already been a few posts about this and there seems to be similarities in the favourite positions so far. . And I have to agree, Missionary, Doggy and girl on top are among my favourites too. So if you follow the meme I apologise in advance if you think have I read this already? I was searching for some images to use and found a delightful blog “Bad Girls Bible”. They gave me permission to use their images and for

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The Erotic Journal Challenge 12: Sexy

This is something I battle with on a daily basis, feeling sexy. Naked I don’t often feel sexy. I see stretch marks and cellulite. I see lumps and a lack of symmetry. I see surgical scars. What makes me feel sexy? In lingerie, sometimes, it depends on where my head is at. If I’m down all I see are lumps and bumps. Other times I see a curvaceous woman that MrH loves. The angle and filters help of course. Fully clothed I often feel most confident and sexy. The lumps and bumps are concealed, smoothed and the curves accentuated. But

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