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I want it that way

The prompt for the 28th Erotic Journal Challenge is about sexual positions, what’s your most and least favourite? There have already been a few posts about this and there seems to be similarities in the favourite positions so far. . And I have to agree, Missionary, Doggy and girl on top are among my favourites too. So if you follow the meme I apologise in advance if you think have I read this already? I was searching for some images to use and found a delightful blog “Bad Girls Bible”. They gave me permission to use their images and for more info on how to do each position, visit their website.

From Behind

My absolute favourite is what I would call the standing forward bend but the bad girls bible calls it the prison style sex position.

I love this because it doesn’t hurt MrH’s knees, and there’s a few variations of it. I like this because MrH has options, he can slap my bottom, he can hold my hands behind my back, he has total control. I love the feel as he pounds into me, especially when he thrusts against my g spot. This is one position that feeds my submissive mental space.

This type of position, penetrating from behind, has many variants and I couldn’t pick my favourite because honestly as long as MrH is fucking me from behind he can pick!

Face to Face

I also love the various positions possible when we are facing each other. When MrH can stroke my face and kiss me, when our bodies are close and intimate.

Face to face can also be a way to dominate. Being able to see MrH’s face, his enjoyment is so nice, he can also place pressure on my body pinning me to the bed making me powerless, which of course I love.

I like it when MrH puts his hands round my throat, he never exerts pressure, its not breath play but I love the feeling of his hands near my neck, the illusion of helplessness, definitely gets me off.


Some mornings, usually a weekend, we will cuddle, and that cuddle turns into the gentle side by side sex. This rarely brings me to climax but I love the intimacy and tenderness of this type of sex.

Me on Top

This is one of the positions that I love and struggle with at the same time. On the one hand I love fucking MrH, when I can bring him to climax. He can grip my hips and he can play with my breast easily. This was the only position that I could climax during sex for a long time.

There was one time when we were sat on the couch downstairs and I climbed on top of MrH and we fucked. I climaxed that time too.

Oral delights

When it comes to giving head my favourite position is kneeling in front of MrH. My hair doesn’t get in the way, and he angle means I can usually get Sir into my throat. Usually it’s done laying in bed just because that’s where we are, and as long as I get Sirs cock in my mouth I’m happy.

Then of course there’s the 69, which will always be a favourite of mine. MrH and I recently enjoyed a good 69 session that ended with me swallowing Sirs cum. I’m getting wet thinking about that.

Oh please no

The one position I really dislike, I mean really is where I am layed face up on MrH’s chest. I feel insecure, like I will topple over at any time and so I tense up.

I think there are more positions that I like than don’t and although as I’m getting older comfort plays a huge factor in which position works for me. I’ve tried the acrobatic positions in my younger years, and in all honesty none of them were actually good.

I think it’s probably something all young couples do, you know? Try every crazy position they can find in the Kama Sutra because they thing that is what men want. At least that was my thinking at the time.

I’d like to think now I am more interested in how the positions feel, and how much pleasure I get, and how much MrH enjoys them.

What’s your favourite? Tell me in the comments below.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


I want to say another big thank you to Bad Girls Bible for letting me use their images. Their website is awesome and has loads of tips and advice on how to have better, more climatic sex – Do go check it out.

To see more posts inspired by Brigits EJC #26 “sexual positions” click HERE.

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  1. They are great images and I like what you have said about what your like and don’t about each position 🙂

  2. We tried the Kama Sutra when we were younger, too. I don’t think one damned position, other than the “regular” positions everyone seems to use some variation of, really every worked. They were all more trouble than they were worth. There’s a reason that the basic positions preside; they tend to be productive for all parties involved. (Great images, btw. – It’s great they let you use them!)

  3. Great images, and I really enjoyed reading about your experience of these various positions

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