Erotic Journal Challenge

Old school

Pressing the vibrator against her needy sex, she allowed her eyes to close and her head relaxed against the pillows.  She needed to come, the oral attention she had shown him this morning had left her horny and tense.  Even though their play had ended with him fucking her, hard, she hadn’t climaxed, and that was ok. She loved being used, it formed part of their dynamic, but the last few play times she had experienced some intense but superficial orgasms, the kind that flashed and passed quickly.  She wanted the kind that only comes from g-spot and clitoral stimulation, the kind that you feel deep inside.  The Doxy wand was good at delivering them. Unfortunately the Doxy had been returned.  The last time they had used it, just when she was getting close to that deep orgasm, the kind that leaves her sweating and flushed for ages, it had stopped working.  Until the replacement arrived she would have to go old school….

She cupped her hand over the vibrator, curving it against her clit, her fingers driving the shaft inside her vagina and up to her g-spot.  The vibrator, aptly named promises, was turned up as high as it would go.  Firmly she rocked her hips upwards and pushed down and in with her hand, mimicking the movement of being fucked.  Over and over she fucked promises, nice but not enough.

He was in the bath.   She imagined him instead sat at the foot of the bed.  Watching her,  stroking his hard cock.  Her pussy twitched in response.

“Fuck yourself for me,”

“I can see how much you are enjoying that, your fingers inside you.”

“I am recording you too you know, oh yes, this will get a lot of attention of Fetlife.. feel how wet you are, promises is very juicy”

She could feel the orgasm starting, deep inside her, as she imagined him talking, until she exploded, the spasms pulsing inside her as her whole body relaxed.  Turning promises off she put a finger inside herself, feeling the contractions of the orgasm as it continued.  She was covered in sweat, her cheeks red, but that was exactly what she had needed.

Nothing wrong with old school after all she thought.

New beginnings?

This post was inspired by Decembers Erotic Journal Challenge, click HERE for more posts linked to the challenge.

The challenge has a theme about beginnings, and while the post above is the main feature it also got me thinking about what’s new.  12 months ago I wouldn’t have asked MrH if I could masturbate.  I would have bottled up that feeling and waited until he wanted to play,  This tells me how far I have come (so to speak) because I can ask to masturbate, and I can enjoy it when I do, not as much as when we play, not with the same effect as during joint play, but enough to scratch an itch until MrH is ready to play with me.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Maybe I need to get myself one of those vibrator things! Just to tease Rex! Mr H obviously likes to watch too!

  2. This is one place I need work…finding the confidence to ask. I get the itch, but then for some reason I’m embarrassed (or something) to ask. Which is silly because we’ve been married for 13 years. I’m glad you’re there.

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